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"Another Way To Die" Available on iTunes Now


  • "Another Way To Die" Available on iTunes Now

    Disturbed's new single "Another Way to Die" is now available on iTunes. Download it now. The song will be available worldwide beginning June 16th-23rd. Stay tuned for more details on the new album Asylum coming August 2010.

    Also, a brand new lyric video for "Another Way To Die" is now up on Youtube. Listen to the full song and watch the lyric video below. Look for the official music video coming in July. What do you think? Login and leave your comments below.

    Posted 2010-06-14 23:48
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on June 14, 2010

Disturbed's new single "Another Way to Die" is now available on iTunes. Download it now. The song will be available worldwide beginning June 16th-23rd. Stay tuned for more details on the new album Asylum coming August 2010.

Also, a brand new lyric video for "Another Way To Die" is now up on Youtube. Listen to the full song and watch the lyric video below. Look for the official music video coming in July. What do you think? Login and leave your comments below.


Exterminatorcj's picture

Every1 who thinks ANY of the Disturned songs are crap because they are political, is NOT a fan of Disturbed. Real fans dont say that a songs rubbish because its got to do with sumthing political, just calm down, and if you dont like it, we dont care. Its not really just about the message, but the MUSIC, as long as its good, every Disturbed song will ROCK.

Reaper524's picture

Did anybody else notice the hidden roman numeral five in the title Asylum? Just to break in my two cents. Rock on Disturbed!

nightsong's picture

U guys are amazing

Bigmanbishop's picture

My opinion of this song is I LOVE IT. I don't really listen to the lyrics when i listen to songs usually only listen to the drum beats and guitar rhythm and they both sound awsome in this song.

blackdragon6977's picture

"It's just Another Way To Die!"

I understand and support that everyone has their own opinion, but I think some of us don't understand the meaning of this song. It seems some of us think this is about the saving the Earth bullshit. I believe the true meaning is that humans are slowly killing the Earth and ourselves.

Metalhead210's picture

Hey guys, I just wanted to give some constructive criticism on the new single, "Another Way to Die". It's a great song, but there are some parts I feel could have been better. The transition from the verse to the chorus could have been better, instead of just having a simple bass drum beat. Also, the lyrics seemed to repeat at points, and I feel that during the outro there shouldn't be any singing. That's just my opinion though, so I hope you take it into consideration. Can't wait for the new album. Rock on!!

KodiakICE's picture

This the Disturbed's first step into the pop culture scene. I doubt the rest of the album is like this, I hope not. I like to reminisce of Disturbed songs like Fear, Violent Fetish, Droppin' Plates. Take a look at the masters of Metal Metallica and Death Magnetic. That how you stay true. Your musicians, very good ones, not politicians. I'll watch the news to see how or world is doing. Disturbed music was my escape, now it's tained too.

Exterminatorcj's picture

Christian Jameson
Sorry, but how is this pop? I really dont expect this to be on Rock FM,(if you're not UK, Rock FM isn't actually rock. Its pop with the odd greenday or Killers song thrown in, which is only light rock) or anything like that. Its either metal, or hard rock, maybe. But definitely not pop, dont EVER put Disturbed in the same group as Lady bloody gaga. Also, where have u been? when was Disturbed NOT political, with Deify, land of confusion, etc.?

analogkid's picture

I just heard that Cristina Agulera is the opening act for this tour, and Bono from U2 will talk for 2 hours before the show about saving mother earth and the starving children around the world, then Disturbed will come out with there new single "Saving A Tree For Tomorrow", I will really be ready to rock for this show, gonna be great..

Indestructible_Nightmare's picture

So catchy... Fucking awesome, can't wait for the rest.

Btw, I don't get why some of you folks get so pissed off about them singing about our damage done to the environment... Al really seems to have butthurt you guys, lmao =P.

To the guy refering to the tsunami shown... did you even pay attention to the lyrics?
"Mother Earth will show her darker side and take her toll"
The Tsunami's clearly one of those events that fall under that category.

Anyway, I'm having a ball with this... Greetings from friggin' germany ;)

I shall show you The Greatest Nightmare

KodiakICE's picture

So you are saying the Earth Quake that caused that Tsunami was caused by our poluting the Earth and not plate tectonics? If I don't drive my car to work there will be no more Earth Quakes? Thanks for the laugh.

Indestructible_Nightmare's picture

Dude, you don't get it, do you? Of course some of these things are not at all caused by us and can't be, definitely. They still have their verified spot in the video, as Dave points out that Earth herself takes some action now as well.
Additionally, I guess next to noone will doubt that Earth "trying to defend itself/taking revenge" is *purely* hypothetical and gives those scenes the right to be there.

I shall show you The Greatest Nightmare

KodiakICE's picture

If you have to think that much into the song, then the song/video really does suck. I just want something to bang my head to, not to be concerned about nature, which Disturbed is no expert on. Check out this you tube

Disturbed for Life's picture

the lyrics are amazing, i don't know about you people but i love songs with strenght behind its words, not hollow music like other bands make,wich sounds like just noise... i love disturbed because their music has meaning, and besides it sounds great!!! i want to enter the asylum!!!!!!!! portugal is gettimg mad as well!

tenaciousdisturbed1's picture

I like the song, but I'm quite sure I like the whole environmentalist thing going on. But I still wanna hear the album!

analogkid's picture

Music by Disturbed, lyrics by Al Gore!! What is this song, it is painful at best. Ice Bergs melting or something like that, really, c'mon. Very disappointed in the new single, I hope the next song the release isn't called "Let's all drive hybrids!"

Arthur's picture

I LOVE the new song! can't fucking wait for the new album!

It's great and really matches with the meaning of Asylum..(I've watched the video of David explaining the meaning of the word Asylum)..

If you don't know which video I'm talking about I'll try to explain..

Asylum means the loss of something you (we all) love..but it has a double is also known as a mad house AND a place where you can feel good, where you can take refuge..

all this can (not sure if they intended to)refer to Earth..

maybe I'm fucking wrong but whatever..I tried..

Thumbs up from The Netherlands!

analogkid's picture

Thanks for the definition of Asylum, what that had to do with anything, I don't know. But the fact remains, musically they fell short on this song, a washed out sound of the Indestructable album, and the lyrics my 9 year old daughter could write. I love Disturbed, been excited as always to hear the new music, but have to call it like it is. I'm also a huge RUSH fan, and when they released the Album "Roll The Bones", I was sadly disappointed as it sucked too. I have a hard time believing all you people aren't just telling yourselves you have to like the song cause it's Disturbed, cause I gave it another listen, and yes, it still blows..Thumbs down from the USA!!

Arthur's picture

Ok..maybe you're right..

maybe it has nothing to do with it..that's just what I thought right away..the only ones who know if it does matter or not is the band itself..

and I'm not going to make you like the song..if you think it blows then thats your choice..I still like it

I hope that the album is just as good (better for you)..

KodiakICE's picture

This is by far the worst Disturbed song of all time. What is it when a bands popularity grows to a certain size, they believe they need to educate the public. I know the problems with the environment, that’s not why I listen to Disturbed. This song would have been great with no lyrics. And the video showing the Tsunami, yeah that was human fault. Come back to Earth Disturbed. Hope the new album is nothing like this song.

Very disappointed Disturbed Fan.

GGioLLo's picture

Just incredible, this new song reminds us of what we've been doing to ourselves.

Indeed the song is amazing with fucking style and Disturbed's perfect insane touch XDD

Specially because I listened to few songs that would portrait our reality and what we're doing wrong, the rock'n'roll spirit that I thought was long dead.. surely it is not XD thank you Disturbed!

I hope one day I'll be able to see you here in Brazil ^^
And yeah I can't wait for the album release XDDD

Disturbed RULEZ!!!

TizDisturbed's picture

ANOTHER FANFOOKINTASTIC Tune! Thanks Guys! Been my ONLY Band since 2000. a ROCKING Decade for sure. Looking forward to seeing you on tour AGAIN. \ M / ( > - < ) \ M ?

Nak's picture

Incredible song guys!!! Can't wait for the whole album, I want it now lol. XD

(Hopefully that Asylum picture thats up is part of the real album artwork, it's sorta scary in a way).

Halo0001X's picture

I just bought the song on iTunes and listened to it (before seeing the video) and liked it. But after I saw this video, which is amazing BTW, it made me appreciate this song even more. It was also awesome that you had the lyrics across the bottom as I love reading them as I watch. Can't wait for the full CD!

Flavilla's picture

Wow...It´s so great. I can´t stop listen to it...greetings from Germany.

Apophis's picture

Nor can I...I keep listening to it...but I can't download it as I don't have internet except library so i cant download Itunes software...and otherwise wouldn't be able to put song on ipod or anything...kinda annoying...

MikeySmith's picture

Amazing!! greetings from germany

Reaper524's picture

This is a solid song no doubt. It is definitely a Disturbed song. But I felt like it wasn't as new and fresh as it could have been. But that's what happens when your passing on a message and trying to get everyone's ear to hear it. Can't wait for the new album. Rock on guys.

Apophis's picture

Hell Yeah...can't wait for the whole album...this is I want the album right now...

ChronicTree's picture

Cant stop listen to it. Its really diffrent from there old stuff but its still the Disturbed i love. I really think its kick ass that its center around the enviroment. And if you listen to the lyircs as you watch the video you can see the connection there trying to make.

Great Job Disturbed!! Keep it up and i cant wait to hear the new album gonna add that to my collection.