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"Another Way To Die" Available on iTunes Now


  • "Another Way To Die" Available on iTunes Now

    Disturbed's new single "Another Way to Die" is now available on iTunes. Download it now. The song will be available worldwide beginning June 16th-23rd. Stay tuned for more details on the new album Asylum coming August 2010.

    Also, a brand new lyric video for "Another Way To Die" is now up on Youtube. Listen to the full song and watch the lyric video below. Look for the official music video coming in July. What do you think? Login and leave your comments below.

    Posted 2010-06-14 23:48
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on June 14, 2010

Disturbed's new single "Another Way to Die" is now available on iTunes. Download it now. The song will be available worldwide beginning June 16th-23rd. Stay tuned for more details on the new album Asylum coming August 2010.

Also, a brand new lyric video for "Another Way To Die" is now up on Youtube. Listen to the full song and watch the lyric video below. Look for the official music video coming in July. What do you think? Login and leave your comments below.


analogkid's picture

So, they steal the title "Another Way To Die" from the 2008 theme to the James Bond Quantum Solace movie, then throw some cheese lyrics to go along with it. It is bad, no other way to say it.

KodiakICE's picture

This Oil Spill is not a big deal. The ocean is HUGE!

janEllie's picture

I'm a fan from the beginning. Always amazed by your lyrics. Thank you.

analogkid's picture

This is unreal, there is no Global Warming, the earth is strong and healthy, if you read what independent scientists have to say, not the ones working for gov't grants to keep them going, they will state the facts, but the gov't feeds the media, media feeds the people, and people believe it to be true.

disturbedalexa's picture

I love disturbed, i really don't know if i like the new album so far or not, but its growing on me.

DisturbedGoddess's picture

I love this song, yet again Disturbed can never disappoint me. Can't wait for the rest of the album

Nampe's picture

I love it, This song says exatly what I think everyday, we need to stop all this crap NOW, we are not a part of nature anymore, we are apart from it

stricken_grrl's picture

Totally agree with you Nampe. =) This song reminds me of Land Of Confusion. One of my faves from Ten Thousand Fists, the message behind that one was clear as a bell.
This song is awesome just like all the other ones. Keep rocking Disturbed. Can't wait to see you all live at Sacramento!

KodiakICE's picture

This song has changed me in so many ways. I didn't know we were polluting the Earth until now. I didn't realize that Co2 does harm to our planet. I thought Oil came from the Earth so it was ok, boy was I wrong. Thanks Disturbed for raising my awareness. I'm going green thanks to you guys. Rock on Bro!

Gabriex's picture

This new song it's just really, really cool ! I dunno why everybody keeps complaining about the lyrics, I think they are great, 'cause the have a message, and even an important one !

Hope I'll see you guys in Romania !

analogkid's picture

There is nothing wrong with having a message, hard rock bands have been doing it forever, but with thought provoking and genious songwriting. Take Ozzy Osbourne's Suicide Solution, such a great song about the dangers of alcohal, but written in a way that doesn't make you want to put down your beer and head to an AA meeting, and makes you think about the lyrics and ROCK to the song, not just write cheesy lyrics that look like they were stolen from a CNN news clip, and put music to it. This site is funny, so many having a hard time being objectionable to the new song, yet while I have bounced around other rock music sites and reading the reviews of what fans think of it the song is getting ripped to shreds for how lame it is..It is interesting..

ABlume's picture

When will you people ever realize that there is not just one opinion that’s objective / true when it comes to music? All opinions about music are subjective. It depends on your tastes (which evolve with time) and whether you find personal meaning in it, for example.
Now, Disturbed lyrics have never been about poetry. But they always had meaning behind them. You may find the meaning not only in the lyrics themselves but also – and sometimes nearly exclusively - in the statements of band members (especially David of course). This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your own mind to it.
In my opinion Another Way To Die isn’t about tree hugging at all. It points out the devastation and human responsibility (yeah, we’ve come really far since Stone Age), what you do with that is up to you.
In context with the video I feel the impact of Another Way To Die most shockingly when the chorus sets in (“Still, we ravage…”) or during Dan´s solo because I´m thinking to myself during those parts that this music is so empowering, so beautiful … but at the same time you are shown the worst devastation and realize you have to make an effort to even care about that. But maybe that’s just me.

analogkid's picture

Land of Confusion was written by Mike Rutherford and performed by Genesis, so if I were to listen to Genesis/Phil Collins, I might be in a mood to here something like those type of lyrics, but when I put my Disturbed CD in and crank it up, I am not in a mood to hear about how we are destroying mother earth, I want to rock out and forget about life and some of the struggles for a short time. I can't wait 'til Disturbed releases there first power love balad, the love fest that will happen on how great it is..As I look to the right of this page at pictures of people rocking out, tattood up and getting crazy, hard to believe they want to be hearing about Ice Burgs melting, the earth is fine, will continue to be fine, just gives people a reason to feel important I guess to take it on that we are destroying the earth, it's a joke..

KodiakICE's picture

How much gas do you use to travel from show to show? Are you using solar and wind to power your amps? Are you using steam powered ships to make it to Europe? How many hotels and other places have you trashed? How much paper and plastic do you use to produce all of your albums? All of the band members have a greater carbon footprint than anyone of their fans. What balls these guys have to creat a song and video like that. It is so bad.

Zeronex's picture

@KodiakICE- Oh my God... You didn't just use the words "Carbon Footprint" That is the biggest hoax in the history of the world. Carbon Footprint is BULLSHIT!!! I'm sorry, but there is no other way to put it. It is but another pathetic attempt by people to steal money from other people who have the illusion that they're actually doing something for the planet. It doesn't exist, it doesn't work. Carbon Footprints... what a pathetic argument.

KodiakICE's picture

Thanks Man. I believe you carbon footprints, global warming and this song are all bull shit. Spill it re-fill it, use it till you lose it. I owe you one.

analogkid's picture

Well, I gave it another listen to after a good night sleep, with an open mind, and I don't know what you all are hearing, but it is horrible. This does not put them in the Lady Gaga pop mix like stated below in another post, but yes, they are now in the same category as Nickelback, Creed, and Matchbox 20 I think. Metal/hard rock is supposed invoke something in you, and escape of sorts for your primal side for a short time, like Dave says in his live shows, a music you go to war with. Lyrics can ruin a song, crank up this song and it makes me want to shorten my showers, turn off my sprinklers, and ride a bike to work. Definetely not the reason I listen to Disturbed, I just hope the rest of the album is not like this, and it's a fluke..

Exterminatorcj's picture

Christian Jameson
How does this song invoke the need to shorten your showers, etc? It doesnt say anything like that, its just stating the fact that all the crap politicians and people are kind of destroying the world with war.

analogkid's picture

War destroys the world? Really? You will be easy to spot at the Disturbed concert driving your VW Bus with the smell of pachuli coming from it, with John Lennon's "Imagine" cranking on your system. I'll be the guy in the F-350 deisel burning as much gas as possible, blasting my air conditioner with the windows down, while rockin' to Metallica's "Kill 'em All". Global warming has already been scientifically disproven, and when the time comes for mother earth to shake us off with an Ice Age again or something, nothing we can do to stop it or slow it, man how the media can brainwash...

DisturbedPyro's picture

i agree completely with the message of this song/video. we are raping the planet and plundering all of its resources with no consideration for the intrinsic value of the planet's well being nor for our own future generations. this needs to stop. just like president Carter said 30 years ago, we need to get off oil, find a suitable energy replacement (like natural energy sources: solar power, wind, lighting, etc), limit our energy usage until we do get off oil, and start giving back to replenish the earth to ensure this world will be inhabitable for more than merely a couple hundred more years

i wish people would recognize what is happening and what we are doing...we have a moral obligation to do something about it. but until everyone jumps on board, we cannot single handedly get off oil. but you can do your own part: recycle (you can recycle more than you think:, limit your energy consumption whenever you can, buy recycled good instead of their counterparts

once again Disturbed has captured the essence of what is going on in the world for their next album. i eagerly await to hear the rest of it and look forward even more to seeing them live once again

Indestructible_Nightmare's picture

yeah, sucks that we can't access the video anymore.

ABlume's picture

Awesome song and video! Happy I watched it a lot of times yesterday, since now it´s NOT AVAILABLE anymore in Germany. Can´t something be done about that?
I especially like the beginning of the song which reminds me of Believe (album). And Dan´s solo is great - hope to find more of that on the new album. Just can´t wait for Asylum!

DisTriviumed's picture

*facepalm* "the world that we love" this is by far the most un-metal phrase iv heard in a metal piece ... I'm aware that Disturbed is nu-metal ... but damn metal and philanthropy don't mix. When metal first came into existence it was aimed to counter the hippie movement. This song is a slap to the face of the foundation of metal. seeing so many positive comments from the fan-base embarrasses me that I once claimed them to be my favorite.

enough said on subject matter, and onto musical aspect. I'm not going to lie the music is good, but it sounds like it should be on 10k fists. Not bad but sounds a bit like something else.

also I'd like to challenge anyone who disagrees with me to link ONE metal song that could be remotely related to the conservation of the environment. (most metal-heads "want" to see the world burn ... not me personally but this is just terrible instance in which lyrics can kill a good song).

NightmareAsylum's picture

The title of the song isn't "Let's all Save the World!" it's "Another Way to Die." The song is about everybody doing their part to slowly rot the planet and ourselves in the process, and just adds to the many problems we already have. How does that not seem metal to you? It's negative, not positive. The fact that you think this is anything like the "hippie movement" is laughable.

"Our future is fading. Is there any hope we'll survive?"

Sounds pretty metal to me.'s picture

Do The Evolution - Pearl Jam

DisturbedPyro's picture

read my post above. see if that does anything for you

Michael2600's picture

Why is everyone so afriad of a song that is off the mainstream of Disturbed's heavy sound but if you listen to it again you can find the meaning behind it before you put a label on it right off the bat.

David great job with the song im a long time fan cant wait for the new album also gonna be at the concert in Toronto.

meeky's picture

meeky <3 disturbed

Very powerful song and great meaning behind it well done disturbed you have again reached another amazing level

Haunted one's picture

InFaçade's picture

Love this song, think its great!! But there are 2 bits that kinda ruin it for me though;
1. The start, emotionless news reporter sucks. If this had a beginning like Deify it would be heaps better.
2. The solo (around 3:00) is way too slow, needs to be quicker

Cant wait for August!!!