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New "Another Way To Die" Song Video


  • New "Another Way To Die" Song Video

    Check out Disturbed's new single "Another Way To Die" on their Youtube Channel now. Download the song on iTunes here.

    Posted 2010-07-06 20:13
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on July 06, 2010

Check out Disturbed's new single "Another Way To Die" on their Youtube Channel now. Download the song on iTunes here.


Danthrax87's picture

Lol as much as I love this new song I wouldn't go so far as calling this a 'video' as much as an 'animation' for a sick website background perhaps or the menu for the DVD or something... as a video, nothing happens except the flames move n there's a lightning storm :P The news clip video speaks a hell of a lot more and 'could' pass as the official video buuuut... anyway, nice work though whoever made it!! Props!

10,001 Fists and Pumping...

analogkid's picture

"The news clip video speaks a hell of a lot more", nice, speaks of what? Global Warming has already been scientifically dis proven if you do a little research on scientific studies NOT funded by government grants, and not just follow like a sheep to whatever the news and gov't tells you to believe..I hope you keep posting Mate cause it is making my day to hear what cheese you will post next, keep it coming, this is good stuff!! 9,999 Fists and Pumping...

DisturbedGoddess's picture

I like the video, love the photo and the flames. But i dont get why have 3. I mean there is already the lyric video then this and then the official one will be coming soon ??? *Shrugs* its good though

analogkid's picture

The video of Gothom City is really cool, once I turned the volume off on my speakers to stop the horrible new single, and just watched the screen, it wasn't bad, but I just can't listen to the cheesiest lyrical song ever made, I think Celine Deon wrote the lyrics and gave them to Disturbed to put music too, just a horrible song, but the batman like castle with lightening is pretty cool..

Danthrax87's picture

Mate if you don't like Disturbed then why bother signing up to take the p*ss!?? Clearly your tastes lie with Celine Dion if you know what she likes to sing about so go rub one out over her ya f*g and let the rest of us enjoy Disturbed's music!! I speak for everyone...

10,001 Fists and Pumping...

KodiakICE's picture

You don't speak for everyone. You speak for EuroTrash, green lovin' peace keeping quears.

analogkid's picture

We are all entitled to our opinions "Mate", it's called free speach, now go throw another "shrimp on the barbie" and relax, everyone likes Disturbed on this site, just having some healthy discussions and debate about there new music and sharing opinions, that is what these sites are for...Nice post moron, don't be so closed minded, it is not personal, I'm sure you were up all night crying about a negative post on the site and how it could happen. Have a beer and chill out Mate!! Although it did give me a laugh, so you could keep it coming too, the female disturbed fans need to be represented too, so keep it up..

PoisonIvy's picture

Of course it's not. The official video will come out later on. And it will have people in it.

I can't wait!

Bendude_Sk8's picture

Please tell me this isn't the official video...

DstrbdDvoT's picture

Awesome video. Love the lightning & flames!

Haunted one's picture

That is so Kickass Break into the Asylum