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New Video - Step Up Your Game


  • New Video - Step Up Your Game

    Posted 2010-07-07 20:22
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on July 07, 2010


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I forgot to rock videos, but enemies accumulate many extreme. Just do not know that I like, but I do not go around mentioning that all the time.
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This is downright my FAVORITE band!

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LOL! he is talkin bout rock band 3, and how they added a new feature in which it helps you learn how to actually play a song, instead of pretending you can play it.ROFL!

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me and my one track mind for video games.

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bettayetta- THAT"S one of the reasons I love this band so much! They put you in a quandary!!!!(What is/does that...????)-I did not realize about the Perfect Insanity thing. I will have to check it out!(Sweet Baby)...????

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Is sick! Please, need more of this sickness!'s picture

you know what? the more i listen to it... the more i think this may be a mashup of Dan's best riffs from different songs and not a new track on Asylum.

My theory is Danny boy is gonna be one of the "bosses" in the new Guitar Hero game, the way they had Slash and Tom Morello etc. Or even better, Boss fight against "THE GUY" whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

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I would fail so miserably...

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Wow this sounds really cool!

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Sounds a bit like perfect insanity alright. But it's great nonetheless.'s picture

i figured it out! its the outro for Perfect Insanity. Danny plays that first riff till the end of the song. Phew! i can sleep tonight! ahahha

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FIRST!!! hahah sorry i couldnt resist!

the clip is siiiiick!!!! that first riff danny plays reminds me sooo much of another song.. but i cant quite put my finger on it.. its the first riff, but he repeats it 3-4 times instead of going into that CRAZINESS!! love it.

someone help me out? what song am i thinking of? its driving me nuts!