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New Photos from the Studio


  • New Photos from the Studio

    New photos from the studio have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out and leave your comments below.

    Posted 2010-07-12 19:07
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on July 12, 2010

New photos from the studio have been added to the Photo Gallery. Check them out and leave your comments below.


marychris96's picture

They aren't sad, they are mixing the record and concentrating. They are serious about their music and that's a look of concentration to make sure the final product is the best it can be and of course it will be. These guys are working hard and know what they are doing. Give them a break.

Jarral's picture

Don't ever sell out dudes. Gimme more The Game, The Curse, Pain Redinfined, Etc. You guys are my age and as a storm chaser I'm fuckin' on the road alot and gotta hear shizz I need to release me as an adult with ADD. Keep the too many indians, not enough chief attitudes down and keep the muze coming.

Jarral D'Andrea

bettayetta's picture

bettayetta- "I don't really give a damn. I just KNOW that ANY thing that has David's amazing voice on it will be...well, AMAZING! (Don't you realize he has the 'gift' AND 'the blessing'?)-He probably couldn't f**k it up even if he WANTED to!" (They're not "sad", they are probably listening to the record!)

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

Maybe they're sad because their so called "fans" act like they suck now just because they can't give afore mentioned "fans" instant gratification every fucking time a "fan" says they want something and because when they tried to express a personal view beyond "Fuck you for trying to change my opinion" or "the government sucks" and their personal view was met with a massive CRINGE. They can't dish out everything the "fans" want all the time. They have lives and families outside of the band. And they're not drones so everything isn't always gonna sound exactly the same as the last thing. Personally, I think Another Way To Die is an awesome song and it's on the subject that loads of bands wouldn't touch with a 39 and a half foot pole. Cheer up, Disturbed! REAL fans still love you!

analogkid's picture

Well, we have found Mr. Sensitive Guy in this forum I guess. I almost shed a tear reading that love fest rant you just wrote, so poetic. We are sorry if our posts hurt your little feelings, it will be OK. So, I listened to the new song again with an open mind after reading your poem above about "REAL" Disturbed fans, which is quite hilarious 'cause I don't know what that means, but, I listened to it again for you SuayokoGonnaKissDaBandsAsso, and ya know what, it sucks more that I thought it did yesterday, so thanks for opening my eyes even more Sensitive Guy..Can't wait for your next love poem.

Kitsuneshinigami's picture

Aw. thanks for the compliment. I hope my name lands somewhere on the list of greatest women poets ever. With your kind words of wisdom, it might!

If the sickness is the cure, stay sick.

analogkid's picture

Because they just found out that Hanah Montana is gonna cover there new single "Another Way To Die", and they gave it another listen to and realized that it blows!!

BigGayPeg's picture

Oh I didn't know that! I thought Hannah Montana WROTE it!

disturbedfan333's picture

Busy at work making the kick azz music!You guys RAWK!! Can't wait till Sept. 24th...Going to rock hard in the park!! Rock on!

TizDisturbed's picture

How can yOu NOT look/feel SAD, KNOWING they DON'T TREAT OR RESPECT their FANS from 10 + yrs AGO................ ?????????????
hELL, TOURING & not even A M & G ...... THAT SHOWS truE colors>
i am done investing ....... i AM 1, but many follow, we r tired of THE TOOOOOO BIG FOR YA BRITCHES syndrome THAT DISTURBED HAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigGayPeg's picture

Been through lining their pockets since their true colors first surfaced - when they couldn't even share the MEASLEY portion of Indestructible proceeds due to their former brother FUZZ. To me, they've looked pretty bored/sad since they fucked with the chemistry (speaking of the founding members.)

Sweet Tea's picture

I hope that is not a sad look =/ *Gives ye some Disturbed loves* XD ANyhow much love and respect to me Angels, if this helps ya'll to keep ye chin up: Ye saved me life with your music and the community ye have built numerous times! Dun let life getcha down Darlin's! You guys are the best band ever, dun ever change!

Blessed Be-T

ShallaMalla's picture

You all look so sad :(