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on December 05, 2008

Disturbed have just announced new tour dates in the US for January and February of 2009. Head over to the tour section for the dates!


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Disturbed pls come in Bulgaria.......You have never been in my country...........

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Are you guys planning on going to europe aswell at the end of this year maybe? I'd chop of a finger to see you guys live again !

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PLEASE come to the UK! It'd be AWESOME to see you guys live your music is AMAZING! All my mates are HUGE fans it'd be AMAZING, so PLEASE put some dates in the UK theres loads of Areanas.

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I hope to see Disturbed in Bulgaria. They have never been there before :)

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I was trying to find out if you guys are headed to Albuquerque New Mexico any time soon and if so when. We saw you for mayhem tour and you guys stole the show hope you come back.

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Hey i saw you guys at ozzfest and you guys were the best know im in the marine corp and cant make it home to see your show so you guys need to do a show in Hawaii

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you guys need to come on to mass or some place near vermont! ive been dying to go to a concert, but if i got it has to be up in the New England states!
come tour here!

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Whats up with them not coming to massachusetts??? Massachusetts shows always sell out, now I gotta haul ass three and a half hours to utica, ny. =(

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I hope that Disturbed come in Moscow on Summer 2009 =)

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hoping to go to the february 21st show in rochester. any info on ticket prices and when they go on sale? cant wait! disturbed and sevendust!!2 of my favorites

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I have contacted the local venue and they said nothing is even confirmed yet, so im wondering how dates and places are shown here..Any news on tickets yet?

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Does anyone know when they will be touring in the UK???

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I want to go to the Sacramento Concert.

Does anyone know if, when and where Disturbed meet and greets take place?

Are they usually on the day of the concert?
If, so are they before or after the concert?

Also, are they usually at the concert site?

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NO meet and greets. have not been since the fan club was disbanded. idk y everyone keeps thinking there are, or where they get this info from, but it's mistaken.

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I thought that all you were eating was my pride"

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Anyone know when tickets go on sale for the Everett, WA date on Jan 23rd? or where to find out info on that?

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OMFG!!!! When are you guys going to come to Montreal? Tell management to fluff out the cob webs and get a move on it!!! Love your music guys!! Chayaesther

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I hope i can go when they come to Los Angeles. It will be awesome!

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Sweet! they are only about 5 hours away in Atlantic City! See ya all there!


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I went to to purchase tickets for the V-day show, but came up with nothing. When do tickets go on sale? Anyone know?

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Feb. 25


"Oh sweet insanity"

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They'll be even closer the 28th, So I WILL be THERE.

"Oh sweet insanity"