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"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video Premiere


  • "Another Way To Die" Official Music Video Premiere

    Watch Official music video for "Another Way To Die" premiere now! Check out the video here.

    Posted 2010-08-09 14:55
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 09, 2010

Watch Official music video for "Another Way To Die" premiere now! Check out the video here.


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marco uk's picture

good video and song. probably not quite as good as "asylum" but good nonetheless.

it's a pity that they can't sit some of our world leaders down together to watch this video. maybe they might begin to realise how their policies of greed and destruction are contributing to fucking our planet over, but then i doubt they'd take any notice.

political rant over. i can't wait for the release of the new album and for the band's visit to the uk later this year.

rock on disturbed. keep up the good work

Dudu's picture

Hi, im from Brazil so... sorry about my english.

I really loved this clip!

I think it´s the best Disturbed video for the quality of the production. The cinematography is perfect!!

Another Way To Die is one of the best songs of this awesome band.

atrain4x4's picture

Inside the fire was the last good music video Disturbed has put out. Stricken, Remember, and Prayer made my hair stand up and gave me an energy and loyalty to this band that i have never felt. Watch those videos and you will ask yourself why they put this one out. All of the Sickness music videos were intense and I love Disturbed but i mean these past few videos have been weak. Indestrucible video was forgetable, and The Night was lame. Just being honest. Its a good thing their live shows kick ass.

Reaper524's picture

To answer Kraken890's question on why choose this song as a single. I will agree with you that "Asylum" puts "AWTD" in the dust. But i think it was because of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that really probably pushed them to choosing this song over the others, i say its not the best song they've done, but it grows on you. I like it now that i've heard it a little more. but yeah, i believe the times dictate what the band released first. Can't wait for the new album, damn won't play any previews to the album. Rock on Disturbed and great video!!!

kraken890's picture

Repent? To who or what? Only if you've done something wrong. If your throwing trash out your window, you should feel bad and be given a ticket whilst being humiliated by the police.
But if your not blatantly trying to pollute, or kill animals for anything other than consumption and dire self-defense, don't feel guilty. Let's be honest, there are some people out there that misconstrue science to build a religion deifying earth as a way to solidify there own purpose in life.

Backslash's picture

I can't watch this video from Germany :(

NightWolf_3000's picture

As I a fan ever since about 5 years, i have to say this video is quite "different" from all their others and i know a lot of people like it, and a lot of people hate it, just like any other band right? well tell me this, how else are we supposed to get the message of what,"No throwing garbage on the ground," means? i know we have all done it, when we were kids, we polluted a lot i know i threw a lot of used wrappers of candy cakes on the ground when i was a kid i don't do it anymore, we learn from our mistakes. But the bigger picture here is actually taking a moment of our time and actually looking at the bigger picture in this world, instead of sitting at home, waiting for Disturbed to release the "Asylum" music video, but guess what? what if they do the exact same thing? My point exactly we all need to repent and if we don't, things are going to get ugly, thank you Disturbed for giving me that extra support and guidance to me, as one of the best bands in the world, and helping me do the right things. I love you Disturbed.

kalishalexander's picture

This video is realy scary, and i guess, that is what they wanted. May be i am crazy, but, did yo see the guy with a strawberry? Is it Dan?

UnformedPoet's picture

It was ok it did display the message but they could have had the band in it like hide david as one of the people like they did in voices or showed them playing in an out of story view like in indestructible but all in all a cool concept and a decent video.
And yes, the man with the gas nozzel is cool.

philiptarrant's picture

Woooow, whether you thought the video was shit or not, you gotta admit that the guy pointing a gas nozzle at his head to end the video is tacky and hysterical.

PoisonIvy's picture

Powerful song - powerful video. It had all the right elements to make its point and the band being there wouldn't have made sense with the storyline. I am glad they are helping, sending out this message to the world.

Shocking always works on people. It makes them open their eyes and hopefully listen.

Amazing job, Disturbed. Looking forward to future videos and the album.

kraken890's picture

Exactly Cbssi, it's not a video for Disturbed it's a video about the issue as told by Disturbed.
If we want to argue about the message, I guess I'll start a blog on here about it.
Can't wait to see the video for Asylum.(I live a lie)

SpartanerII's picture

Damn, i am not able to watch it in Germany.... damn youtube!

cbssi's picture

None of you really understood me; you took my comment as a simple "Oh, this is crap" and thought, "Well he obviously doesn't understand the message." I do understand the message, only a little too well. If Disturbed wants to write a song like this, and call it inspirational, or even realistic, cool. It's not really the song I have a problem with, it's this damn video. When the lyric video came out, I liked the song, but I hated that video. There was too much footage of pollution and disasters, and certainly not all of it was caused by man. I thought, "Well, hopefully the music video redeems it" and hoped for something better. This layout is simply too in-your-face preachy about the world, and while I do understand we need to be active about the planet (and, believe it or not D1, many people ARE listening, so this wasn't necessary), it seems like we're promoting a fucking "clean the planet" campaign, and not an album. A music video for the lead single of an album should be more focused on the music, and not promoting a cause like this. I wouldn't have had a huge problem if they had picked this song off the album after release and decided to start an awareness campaign, but I simply don't approve of how they're doing this: They're using crisis to promote their album. And I don't like it.

PiNkA's picture

well shown in this video ... the more I like the first .... shame they're not seen in the men disturbed .... I had hoped that while in the chorus you can see them ... but the song I really like ... no kick, and carries a message ... Nurture PEOPLE TO DO TO YOU OWN killed laziness, stupidity, sloppiness not kill MOTHER EARTH, BY THIS WE DO Hurt themselves, nurture our house, we only have one ...
DISTURBED love you for it, the fear not to shock, but that you have your own unique style .. you are wonderful ...

Nanabeak's picture

I think everyone complaining is just ridiculous. Yes its their opinion. But I am just shaking my head at those who are complaining about there are no preformance footage. With a video containing such a intense message, why do we also need preformance footage? Just wouldn't go with the video.

The video was depressing and scarey and gives you the sense of what are we waiting for? We need to change or else. Yes many other people, games, movies and other things as well have stated the same fact. But have we listened? Some have, but not enough. I think with more and more people getting the word out, it may sink into the minds of enough people that we can and hopefully will do some dramatic change that this world needs.

I did overall like this video. Can't wait to see more videos from Disturbed. Also, I am very excited to get the new album coming out very soon. Can't wait!! :)

Give In To The Night's picture

I'm sorry, but WTF? Not the video, but people thinking that this song is "Preachy crap about the planet" and "too in-my-face"? Preachy my ass. And you're damn right it's in your face! They're trying to prove a point!! Yeah we've had movies and other stories that have tried to tell people what we are doing, but nobody's listening!!! That's why they probably choose this as their single to begin with.
Come on, think about the way it was made. Many don't think that while some of us live comfortably in the indulgence of our lives, our world and the people less fortunate are suffering because we only care what we want! That's the message this song and it's video are sending. And "will we repent in time?"

((Uhg, sorry for sounding like a total bitch, but it drives me a little nuts when people don't see the picture...))

Anyway... I guess you can tell I liked the video. I think it was definitely a wake up call. Wasn't bothered by No Performance on Disturbed's part; it probably wouldn't have been right anyway. If many have loved the song so much that it made it hit Number 1 on the charts, it will be interesting to see what others think of the video.
Look forward to seeing how the band will bring 'Asylum' to life in it's music video.

Viviane Michetti's picture

Beautiful reflection of the world, show the people the truth I loved beautiful work

kraken890's picture

I agree that compared to "Asylum", "Another Way To Die" looks bad. Why they chose this, THIS, song to be the single is beyond me. I'm sure the rest of the songs on the album are far better.
Oh and this isn't a new concept, "Water World" "The Book Of Eli" "Road Warriors" "An Inconvenient Truth" "Fallout 3" ring a bell.
I'm sure once the album comes out there will be songs of which we can agree should of been the opening single for the new album.
Can't wait to see what they do for the "Asylum" video.
Oh and I really hope to see a fan mash-up of the Cobb&Mal scenes from Inception and "Asylum" sometime in the near future as it is the best illustration of the song.

drumster's picture

Damn, that is a wake up Call ,again. i'm amazed

The Unforgiven's picture

I really have had enough of Warner and their copyrights shit concerning video clips. Damn it, they are promotional content, why would they block it from viewers outside US? Good way to shoot yourself in the foot!

kenji666's picture

i couldn't watch it. it kept saying that it was unavailable :(

BlackSun's picture

it is an awesome video, but i was really looking forward to some performance footage of it. but oh well, will they make a video for Asylum? or is it even an official single?

mskfreak1's picture

I liked the video, obviously they did not perform in this video but it would not have made sense to. Where could they really have put their footage, it would not have fit anywhere. They were making the point that we are destroying our planet, and the video shows this. "Peachy crap about the planet", really? The problem does not go away just because people get bored of it, until we change, we need more songs and videos about the environment like this one. Even though they did not perform (which is good), it still far exceeded my expectations, it was a really good video.

cbssi's picture

I'm sorry, I have to call bullshit. This is just the lyric video, without the newscast format. Yeah, add in a couple scenes of people polluting, and some acts of human desperation relating to resources (namely water), this video and that one have a lot in common. Both are absolute shit. I mean, my main gripe is this: NO PERFORMANCE FOOTAGE?! The band didn't have time in their downtime to at least perform in their lead single's music video? This would have salvaged some semblance of music video from this clip in my mind. What I see from it now is something I don't like: Preachy crap about the planet. This video is too in-my-face about this subject, and it's irritating and over-the-top; they really laid it on too thick here. I understand the impact they're trying to make here, but their approach was a mistake; this single was a fuck-up. Quickly hide it by releasing the video for Asylum, already.

Asylum >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Another Way to Die

Nak's picture

Very nice! kinda scary though. O.o