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"Asylum" Video Premiere


  • "Asylum" Video Premiere

    Posted 2010-08-16 21:10
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on August 16, 2010


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Love it!

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wow i video made me realize killing your self is no option

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Freaking badass!

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creepy and AWESOME! kinda confusing but I never understand music videos so it doesn't really matter haha

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i love this video but where were mike dan and john?

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awesome!! i love you guys!

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David looks pissed!

I wonder if Vevo and iTunes will even post this video.

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david look fucking tank in this!

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Yeah! Pure madness!

The eyeball will become Disturbed folklore I bet - just a little cheesy.

Loved the corpse. Roll on end of August!

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hmm these and A7X new albums both feature Asylums, commit me to both

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how come i cant watch it?

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It wasn't bad. I definitely like it better than the video for Another Way to Die. But where is everyone else? Don't get me wrong, David is cool and all, but no Mike, Dan, or John?

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Oh my God, that was the creepiest video by any band I have ever seen! Especially at the end! Great video all around. Probably will have nightmares now! LOL

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Thats messed up lol, probably my favorite music video by you guys. Great job!

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man, thats some shit

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Pretty damn good of a video. Though I'm not sure if it would fit "Perfect Insanity" better. I'd wish they'd of illustrated the dichotomy of "Asylum" as suffering and yet comfort like David explained in a video before. It would of been better if the inmate had woken up in the afterlife or dream where he encounters his lost love and she guides him into the furnace to be together again.
Still pretty cool though.'s picture

sick sick sick sick sick

eyeball was cheesy, but besides that...

first btw