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"Asylum" Video Premiere


  • "Asylum" Video Premiere

    Posted 2010-08-16 21:10
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 16, 2010


scarshadow's picture

this is by far one of their best songs. i cant wait to see them in toronto on august 25th. ROCK THE FUCK ON!!

AxeintheShadows's picture

That video was epic. It is definitely worthy of the name DISTURBED!

squall833's picture

alright, i have loved Disturbed's Music from the begining and they just keep getting better and better David Draiman's voice is amazing and their lyric's have always been powerful....

with these New Songs they remind me of early Metallica (1981-1991) except that Disturbed is 100x better in that they have never changed their sound even though they have had members fall-out and gained new short you guys FUCKING ROCK....too bad i will miss you this year in columbus... hopefully next year

Bendude_Sk8's picture

In a word?

Irisheyez's picture

This video is fucking awesome and scary at the same time-Dude in video looks like my ex whose sitting in prison on murder charges, (only way less tatts) but just as ick and twisted....keep up the great work guys!!!!! Love u

shannon ray's picture

it was sick and twisted i loved it

J_A_M_E_S's picture

...I'm sorry, it's a good video for The meaning 'Asylum', as in the mad house, but i do recall David explaining the meaning as the other form of 'Asylum' This video contradicts everything he has ever said or song about for this Song.

Danya's picture

Wow! This is madness. I am shocked. The video is great!

DehumanizedAgain's picture

Would've loved another cartoon-made musicvideo like Land of Confusion, but this was epic as well.
Keep on rocking, Disturbed!

The Facaded one's picture

absolutely brilliant
greatest music video to date

intoxicatr's picture

Sick and twisted, loved it amazing video! cant wait for Asylum it's gonna be awesome!

XIrus's picture

Fucking amazing video! It is soo freaking creepy but I love the dark gritty atmosphere,and so far this is my favorite disturbed song to date. I am soo glad Disturbed came out with a video for this song,and I am goddamn estatic about how awesome it is! Thank you guys for doing this and so far so great on the new album 2/2 in my book!

drumster's picture

DAMN, that is one grazy, sick ,but awesome video.
Love it

princesslita916's picture

hot damn!!! that was a twisted yet very awesome video. might have to watch it again. thanks guys for continuing to make awesome music and great videos to keep us entertained.

lynemc44's picture

Awesome, Sick and Disturbed! Loved It!

Lordserenity's picture

That was a fucking amazing video! I woulda liked to have seen the other band members in it though. Other than that it was awesome!!

drag0n4life's picture

sick but kick ass video

dimitra's picture

sick video and david is a beast..... loved it

shizoids's picture

On form as always FUCKING EXCELLENT

Darth mitchell's picture

That was just Sick guy's!!
Sick but awesome!

\m/ 0.0 \m/

kenji666's picture

wow that was kickass!!! that was the creepiest Disturbed video i have seen, but i really enjoyed it. i love how it's kinda like a horror movie. i love horror movies >:)

Brett's picture

A truely disturbed and amazing video , the video does get moments of lag on my computer unfortunatly :( but besides that it is such an intense and insane video :D a huge thumbs up for this :D

BigBear2021's picture

great video, it matches the song's atmosphere amazingly. i love how it depicts the anxious feeling of trying to get. reason is given up at a certain point and the all consuming thing, the only thing you can think of is escape. very cool theme

kicker213's picture

Excellent, reminded me of a T00L video at the end, but that isn't a bad thing! >:)

sylgraph's picture

I really love this type of video. Totally insane. Awesome specially the end ;) Personally, I like horror movies, then, for me, Asylum mmm, I really dig.

dizturbd's picture

The jawbone was def. cool!

Shannon_Cyanide's picture

Nice video. Visually it had a nice gritty darkness that reminded me a little of Rammstein though as always the music was 100% Disturbed :)
Also where were the other band members? Might've been cool if they had played the various roles as doctors, inmates etc. in the clip or something.
Either way an awesome song and clip, could have used this back when I was locked away.... >.> *insert evil laugh*

telerisghost's picture

The end was creepy! Video runs like crap in my netbook. Probably MySpace's fault.

Indestructable_General's picture

Holy shit what a ride! Sure know how to knock a bloke back in his seat. I think I need a towel now!

DisturbedGoddess's picture

OMG that ENDING that was CREEPY lol I loved it best Disturbed Video ever Awesome! But was it just me or did David seem like he wasnt singing along with the music? Maybe I was just lagging a bit......