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"Asylum" Video Premiere


  • "Asylum" Video Premiere

    Posted 2010-08-16 21:10
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on August 16, 2010


ElScone's picture

I still prefer Believe.

thedevourer's picture

please come in greece!!!!!!!

snake2584's picture

sick as hell!!! it was fuckin awesome!!!

why_is_i_so_disturbed's picture

manly tears?

Marzblood's picture

awesome video cant wait to get the special edition album sick work like always d(-.-)\../ had manly tears on the "Another Way To Die" music video d(-_-,)b

why_is_i_so_disturbed's picture

shit man, fuckin awesome! they should have added the "guy" some where in it,

devil lady's picture

wow, wow, wow, love this new disturbed and so my kinda song. excellent song , going to be an awesome album...cant wait

marco uk's picture

great video (love the ending), great song and what a great band.

disturbed, you guys are no 1. you rock

swordmaster25's picture

epic it is one of the best i have seen from them

DMZMetal's picture

I get this video, it is a personal message from David. It has to do with his life. I love the end it is like he is keeping the memory of what his grandfather had seen alive. There will be other videos that feature the band, I'm sure. The song is also very good.

disturbed metal fan's picture

fuck this is awesome video!

Danielalfa94's picture

DISTURBED you are the master of the music!!!!

Cripster's picture

Hell yah!!!

OhItsJenilet's picture

this video is sikkkk!!

Danthrax87's picture

F***in awesome psyche up song I just wish they had the whole band in the clip with David rockin out that woulda bin heaps better!!!

10,001 Fists and Pumping...

Jessie.xo's picture

Awesome video (quite disturbing hahah). :D :D :D
great song too!
But where are the others?? :O

Son_of_Plunder666's picture

where's the other dudes man?! fuckin sick though, u guys fuckin rock!! XD

medic2774's picture

The best one yet! The video, the music and the lyrics ...AWESOME !!!!!! Just to prove the older the better! CAn;t wait til Aug 21 Chicago........

stricken_grrl's picture

Very freaking awesome. I wish they would of showed how Asylum is also a haven or safe place. Like David said before. Still, bloodly epic video cant wait to see Disturbed on the 22nd of september! Gotta play this song again! ;)

Burns1989's picture

I like the video but i would like to see more of the band rocking out at times not only Dave. kick ass song though

Wing Zero Pilot's picture

I'm disappointed we didn't get to see the rest of the band rock'n out. But at least it's better then Another Way to Die since we get to see David.

snakeeyes831's picture

great song and video roll on the album

thedevourer's picture

i 'd prefer too, to see the other band members and not only david's lips....and it kinda lags..i'm disturbed....but i hereby deem this video BADASS!

The Panda Warrior's picture

Wouldn't it be awesome if after the inmate crawled into the furnace, instead of being some incinerated mess, he turned into The Guy and went ape shit on everyone? (if the ending was longer of course)

NightWolf_3000's picture

ok i didnt see the new video yet but from the looks of the reviews by the fellow Disturbed ones, lol i think its a great video, maybe their best but in my opnion, i looked at little bits of it, and i dont want to see it, im too what? haha seriously i am, the whole Straight jacket thing scares me, ever since i seen The ring, and yes scary movie haha but yes this is looking to be my favorite album by them so far, but their best is ten thousand fists, this just might be better.

zouieysrocker's picture

It was AWESOME... exactly what we have been waiting for...

disturbedmom1's picture

Hell Yeah! This is the Disturbed I know and love! Very sick, Very Disturbed!

WildTheory's picture

yeh, the video was nice, but I'd like to see more of the bands than just Dave's lips.

Rabid's picture

Awesome Shit!!! I hear a bit of Anthrax in some of those riffs too!

ChaseTheGuy's picture

wow i think this video might be more sick than inside the fire