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Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31


  • Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31

    Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

    Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.

    Posted 2010-08-26 17:43
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 26, 2010

Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.


Sewe's picture

Disturbed, Hope you're reading this. I've got a big problem. My dad was pre-ordering you're new album for me, with dvd and everything. But when he was almost done It stood that it couldn't ship to Sweden! :(
And it was pretty much limited edition so i'm getting a bit scared of time, how long it will still be on sale! Please, if you all are reading can you fix it? Fathers e-mail is

And if you're actually reading this I'll take my time and say: You're the best! :)
I hope that you can help me!

David Draiman 4eva's picture

Hey to the members of Disturbed. You guys are LEGENDS. I only have 2 or 3 questions. Im James im from Tasmania and im 18.

1. Would you guys ever consider coming to Tasmania. I personaly want to see you guys live. But I can't get to any of the places you are : (.

2. I know you have propbably heard this before but do you play the Xbox 360? If you do could you add my gamer tag its (old money2)

And 3. Do you think I could ever hang with you guys. Cause it would make my life complete, knowing that I have hung out with the my favourite, and best Metal Band EVER!!!!!!

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danni's picture

Hey guys!
Congrats on the album! This is a collective message form the Australian street team... When will we see you back down under? If you wanna stop by after the European leg you can enjoy a dinkum Aussie christmas in the sun. Be more than happy to have you round for a barbie ;-P

Disturbed1 4Ever's picture

whats goin on guys...i want to start by saying ive been listening since you came out the start of my freshman year of highschool (2000) and your music has helped me with alot...Indestructible just to name one. but i gotta ask what happend to the creative, original sound of the first album? i had never heard anything like it, and was like yea this is the sh**. but the new album i get what your doing, but honestly its kinda starting to sound the same. also i went to music as a weapon last year in baltimore, md(2009)...and what david said during the lil break before the next song was really helpful and powerful to me...can i get a copy of that event in baltimore last year, that has that speech in it? if so where can i get it?

USMC CombatEngineer's picture

Hey..this message is directed towards David. You have no idea what kind of impact you've had on my life..i would do anything to just meet you and get to talk to you about life. im 17 years of age and currently Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat engineer and set to ship out June11,2011. i may "just be 17" but ive been through more hell then some 35 year olds have. my life had been a constant struggle since i was 8 years of age. not soon after my tribulations began, i found your album "The Sickness" the Lyrics and Music, it kept me alive. virtually every song you've made is a story of my life in some way..ironically, im in the worst time of my life right now...and your releasing a CD heavily based on the subject in some songs, the others giving my own personal self meaning to the songs such as "The Animal". The one thing i had in my life pushing me through betrayed me and left me to Die. im tring my hardest to decipher questions in my life and life in general, your my mentor though you dont even realize...i watch your interviews in search for answers to help me understand my hell, several questions you have answered have helped me realize vital things. im in such a hard time right now stomach burns constantly and im full of confusion, hate, and sorrow. i dont dream, and when i do dream, its the same dark dream. i have one more year and i will be in the corps, im hoping that they'll burn my past problems out of my mind and have me focus on my rifle and fellow Marines...but i find it hard to believe that i can get over this without having answers, of which i have none. Of coarse i want to thank all the other band members, for if it were not for all of you together..Disturbed will not have came to be.
David..if you could be so kind to help me out, it would be a dream come true to even just talk to you over the phone if i cannot meet you, which i understand completely for security reasons. my Email is and my Phone is 434-661-7877. i dont care that im releasing my information. its a risk im willing to take, i got questions and i know you have answers, you of all people on this earth have too.
thankyou Disturbed, and Thankyou David for making your songs with such heart, i wouldnt be alive this day if it were not for you.

HeverAdam's picture

Hello Disturbed! My name is Adam and live in Hungary! And I just want to ask during the tour by visiting Hungary this is because, it is true that we have heard and listened to the king of all music tracks but it would be good to see you live, because it is a great pleasure for me to be a sensible course, concerts and such animal be with King's band concert! And sorry for the bad english

Thank you and keep up the good work and music making the whole band

DisturbedChicago'sOwn's picture

I have a personal question to ask. David Draiman if you were not in a relationship and were single would you go out with me and marry me if you could?? Please reply thxs

emorakeem's picture

if you could name the band another name what would it be

chrisevil666's picture

hi,guys my name is christian I'm from Medellin,Colombia and you are one of my favorite bands ever. Will you guys come to Colombia? you have alot of fans here.....

natiro's picture

When the hell are you coming to Israel ???

Aksuo's picture

Hello, Disturbed! Thanks for all of the great music you've brought the world! You really are the best! I'm looking to be a rock star myself, so my question is: how did you guys get so famous?

joeyba4's picture

hey guys, first of all thanks for what you do? I think you guys are amazing, and I listened to you guys NON STOP, while doing convoys in iraq....If you guys could do one thing OTHER than music, what would it be? Once again guys thanks for what you do. I was reading some of these questions and you have done a lot for a number of different people. You guys definitely made my time in Iraq easier....thank you!

Seimika's picture

hey guys whats up? i was curious to know if any of you had any regrets in your lives? and if so if you could change what you regret would you?

Talitakaka's picture

To all of you,
I´m from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Do you have plans to play here?
Please, Disturbed, come to Brazil!
I love u all.

nprice86's picture

I'm Nancy from Ohio, First of all I'd like to Thank You each member of the band for being in it. Disturbed would not be here if it wasn't for the insturments and vocals colliding into one and creating the stories of our lives and the world around us.
My Question:
I was wondering if any of you have ever thought about 'taking a break from disturbed' (I hope that really doesn't happen) and go on and get involved with other members from different bands to make an album and what genre of music would it be?

My Brothers My Blood David, Dan, Mike, and John I Love You

And1's picture

To all of ya:

Do you like listening to your music in your free time? I suppose not while you're on a tour like the Uproar, but when you are just at home in Chicago, have no gig or album recording to do?

WhyMe's picture

John, what inspired you to do that kickass dance during indestructible in MN??

DisturbedArmyMedic's picture

First, I wanted to personally thank you guys.. Your music literally saved my life back in April 2008... I am a Veteran with PTSD, and I was right on the brink of ending my life, and Indestructible came on the first time I had ever heard it, and I swear my sound system was not turned on...It gave me such strength, and gave me the courage to get myself some help. Since then I have been stronger than ever. I owe you guys for saving my life.

Have you guys considered doing a concert at one of the major VA locations like Los Angeles, for all Active Duty and Veterans? I would be willing to help coordinate it, with the contacts I have.

tattoo rob 09's picture

hey im a tattoo artist out of east texas and imn coming to your show in houston.cant guys jam.heres my deal i want to propose to my ol lady at the concert and i really want your guys help i will do all yall a free can check out my shop site on facebook-slingin ink texas my name is rob or you can have someone call me and leave a message.409-224-9224.thanks man and keep rockin.

Indestructibleasylum15's picture

hey! u guys are super and u kick ass ,no doubt.
I wanted to ask this question for a long time.....
For David: Why the reason for being bald all day?but still u look hot though.
For Dan:Washburn had the wild look for you,why changing that for a Schecter Guitar?
for disturbed:Asylum rocks like hell!!
You guys are taking your music life to a next level,is there any possibility that disturbed is gonna go home like forever?

hope you guys can get my msg...!
The only DISTURBED ONE from BANGLADESH....peace brothers.

zdac28's picture

Hey Disturbed! My mom and I LOVE your albums. Mom's fav song was Sickness up till she passed away, a Disturbed 1 till the end! But my question is "have you ever had any embarrassing stage mishaps? What was the most embarrassing moment you had on stage?" thanks for your time, you guys are the best band EVER and I hope you continue to kick ass in the future! You are Indestructible!

connorboy2000's picture

sorry forgot are you going to have any more tours to england in the future because really pissed off >:( i can't go to this one

connorboy2000's picture

what is next for the band are you going to release a few more singles over a space of time or save it all to make a new album in the future. connor

AmyD's picture

HEY! First off, are THE greatest band ever! I just heard Never Again and Another Way To Die for the first time and they seriously kick ass!!!
ok so here's my question...
Why are you not touring in Montreal, Quebec, Canada???
You came here last year, the year before...etc. i went to one of your concerts for 10 000 fists in 2006 i you guys are the bomb!!!! THE greatest show! And yes i did miss your other tour...but i dont want to miss this one. So PLEASE come to Montreal!!! We LOOOOVEEE you down here. you even said it was the greatest city...and that you loved us! :) You got called back on stage and you David were laughing or in awe because the crowd went wild because we all wanted sooo much more from you guys and you sang i believe...Down With The Sickness and The Game and im pretty sure you sang another song before ending the show.
So please guys...come to Montreal this year! We all want to see you!!! We REALLY want to see you!
WEll thank you for your time! Have a great time launching this AMAZING cd!!!
Dont forget about Montreal! :D

Wing Zero Pilot's picture

Will you guys be coming back to New Brunswick Canada when you go back on tour?

Jordanbloch21's picture

Is there a chance with Asylum out, You'll bring back the Music As A Weapon tour and make a stop in Green Bay?
Jordan Bloch
Green Bay, WI

dimitra's picture

Is there any chance to see you in Greece someday??

mohamed ehab's picture

hey everyone i am ehab from question 2 davide what do u do whn u start 2 write a song i mean what comes 2 ur mind at this exact moment is it anger or what do u second question that i know there will be no answer for it do u guys consider even going 2 middle eastern countries for ur tours i mean like egypt i assure u there is a lot of pepole who like u here.good luck &keep kickin ass


What are the underlying lyrics in Asylum during the part of the chorus that starts off saying "Terror is coursing in me"?

I've been going insane trying to decipher them. P.S....The songs released thus far are fucking phenomenal as will the rest of the album. Keep up the awesome work.