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Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31


  • Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31

    Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

    Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.

    Posted 2010-08-26 17:43
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 26, 2010

Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.


Mike9730's picture

How did you come up with the idea for asylum?

carl0ss's picture

For David: how do you feel today after all these years since the very beginning of Disturbed ? how is it like to be the frontman of that massive and powerful band ?

For the band: are you planning to perform in Prague, the capital of Czech republic again ? because you did an amazing show in 2009 in Roxy club, and all the czech fans would really like to see you guys again !!

respect from the Czech republic !!


berke1313's picture

how did disturbed band created ?

NandoMenotti's picture

Hey you guys, When will you come to Brazil? Is there any chance of a "Brazilian or South American Asylum Tour"?

Disturbedgirl_Brasil's picture

Hey guys, when you intend to go to Brazil?
Disturbed has many fans here,we are excitade to see a show of you.

A.J.E's picture

What Will Your Next Single/Video Be?

AllDFun's picture

Sup guys! I listen to a disturbed song at least once a day (except Sundays) and have everyday for the past 2 years. Definitely my favorite rock band and I will be at the concert in Houston. My question is, will you please finally put to the end of the speculations, included that which is on Wikipedia that you guys are satanic. Simply yes or no.


hotteach's picture

I was wondering why you guys didn't participate in autograph signing when you came to Scranton (and rocked the house I might add!), because I saw where you had at other venues? Will you please come to the Pittsburgh area the next time you are on tour? I drove 4 and a half hrs to see you guys and it was worth every mile but I would like my kids to have the opportunity to see you in concert!! Will you be traveling next year to promote Asylum?

xsomber_resplendencex's picture

The Sickness is one of the greatest songs of all time and I am so glad that you close your shows with it! I was wondering if you ever get sick of playing it?

Metalfan619's picture

Question for the band: Which album do you find to be your greatest achievent? By that I mean which album did you have the most fun performing, recording, etc.?
Thanks, and Keep Rocking!

insane...asylum..._13...'s picture

hey DISTURBED, you guys are freakin awesome, cannot wait to get the new album... i was wondering, what do you guys do to finish your songs when you write them?, cause for me i have written so many songs but they are only half done, so what should i do?

jlrobbins1's picture

hey guys! first off, love your band! Have for years now and so does my 4 year old son. He sings ya'lls songs sometimes and jams out to them all the time hehe. My question is when are you guys going to be coming back to Ft Myers, Florida? I saw you when you performed with Korn a few years back and I want to go to another show!! I would love to be able to take my son to see you guys live. He would be so happy! Keep Rockin!

reaper63's picture

will you sign my guy tattoo at the nottingham. uk show ??

viccardenas's picture

WELL HELLO! hahaha

What do you guys think about STUDYING MUSIC? Do you think that you can really study music, and not lose some of your "personal style"? Or do you think that it's just a really good way to enhance your capacity to create songs?

Thought it was a good idea to ask you since you guys are like.. let's say.. THE BEST BAND EVER??

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question :)

I love you guys


BrokenAsylum150's picture

What are your top 3 favorite cities to perform at?

BrokenAsylum150's picture

Are you guys planning on making anymore covers?

telerisghost's picture

Hi guys! I was wondering, how has the social consciousness evident in your recent songs become part of your daily lives?

Rabid's picture

Did you get the idea for "The Guy" from Iron Maiden's "Eddie"???

If so I think that's awesome!

You guys rock the hell out of South Bend, In. !!!!!!!

yomommasawall's picture

What makes Asylum worth buying over other new albums

Alan Kilpatrick's picture

You guys are my favorite band of all time. I have "The Guy" tattooed on my back, cuz that is how important you are in my life. So to the question:

What encouragement/advice can you give to smaller bands? Bands like the Black Veil Brides or Egypt Central. How can they walk in your shoes?

thedon21's picture

I have two questions for the rock legends of Disturbed.
Probably my favorite bassist of all time was Fuzz. I know there were some issues between the band and him, but do you keep in contact and just see how he's been doing or invite him to jam?

and my other question is have you thought of covering songs from Rush or The Who?

not you's picture

This is Dan Wolfe from Middle of Nowhere, Ohio. You guys got me into metal when i was in 3rd grade.

I was wondering if you would ever let a fan get up on stage and perform along side you.

d.i.s.turbe.d's picture

are u guys ganna come to Rochester,NY anytime soon and you guys rock you r my favorite band

XLR8ING HUNTER's picture

Hey guys, I've been a big fan for years. Two questions:

1. What is your fav. song you have created?

2. Since Metallica is my other fav. band, would/could you ever do a song with them?


jesica's picture

when are you coming to Australia ? cant wait to hear the answer!

and would like you guys to keep up the great work. i admire you and always have since i was 18 i been following you all :) i'm now 26 and i will never again miss another concert i was at the concert on september 08 but couldnt make it to the prvious coz i was hospitalized ! HURRY UP and come back to AUSTRALIA cant wait to have you home !

d.i.s.turbe.d's picture

What gave you guys the idea for your new song Asylum

doomdemon666's picture

Hello. I'm a big Disturbed fan... anyway, I just wanted to ask if you have any plans touring in Norway? Can't wait for the new Album :) ROCK ON! \m/

Tommi Heinonen's picture

im in finland, so im not good english than you. But im REALY like yours music. I wash heard music in this yer and i was loved

Blacky_Cro's picture

Hail Disturbed! Im big fan of you already 5 years now! :D I
I would like to know if u will come to Croatia this or next year to perform new album? I would really like you to come like u did the last time on Europe tour with album Indestructible! \mm/

Greets from Croatia, Bjelovar.

SlitMouthWoman's picture

David,how much wax do you use to make your head shine?