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Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31


  • Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31

    Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

    Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.

    Posted 2010-08-26 17:43
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 26, 2010

Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.


Destroyerx24's picture

Hey Disturbed! You guys definitely impact me in my daily life. As a teenager, I have to go through a lot, but when I listen to your songs it makes me realize I have to stay strong because other things and other people out there have it worse. So my question to you guys is, for all the songs in the Asylum album, what great impact made you write them all and put it in this one amazing ( and addicting) album? Thanks! Rock on, from New Jersey :)

PamnJesse's picture

Hi all am an "older" fan of disturbed, 50 something so you do impact all ages. My question is do you David write all the lyrics for the songs and with the most intense emotional ones does it take you back to that dark place for awhile or does it free you as you write it?
Also being an animal health technician for 30 years am just curious about David's new dog? How is he/she doing?
Thanks from San Diego

stacelea's picture

Hey Guy's,
Love the new album, it was released on Friday here in Australia and has been by my side the whole time, I can't get enough!! so firstly congrats on yet another fantastic album!!! secondly my code to redeem the DOD is apparently invalid. I would appreciate any help you can give me to redeem the DOD. Thanks for you time and congratulations again!! Much love to you all.

14cyclones's picture

Will there be a Music As A Weapon 5 tour? and if so we'd love to have you guys back in Arkansas.

BleedingPride's picture

What inspired you to write all the songs pointing out the flaws of politicians and the like? Were you just watching T.V one day and a Politician you didn't like came on and you just had a brain wave or something?

Prototype16's picture

Hey Disturbed! You guys rock! I have two questions for you guys:

1. Who is going to be on the next Music as a Weapon tour?
2. What bands have inspired you to be the musicians you are today?

Remedy's picture

Hey guys, first off I just wanted to say you guys rock and keep rocking. But now that you guys have been together for a decade, do you guys care about what other people think about you like haters or do you guys dont even give a shit.

- Ante from Calgary

rnr615's picture

I just wanted to know how you decide on these "themes" for all your albums. Do you first think of the theme, then write songs accordingly? Or do you write songs, then distinguish a theme depending on what all of the songs have in common lyrically?

- Ryan from Des Moines, IA

DisturbedChicago'sOwn's picture

personal question David if u were not in a relationship and you were single would u be my boyfriend and marry me if u could?? Please reply thxs

Midna Booty's picture

My question is about the lyrics in the song "Fear" from the album "The Sickness". Near the end of the song, after the last chorus, at approximately 3:25 to 3:28,what is David singing? I can not quite make out what is being said after "Your mind is racing" and "Hey reject!". It sounds like "Erasing Now!", but I always thought that "Erasing You!" is what I have always misheard. I have been trying to figure this out since 2002 and unfortunately there no websites that I could find with lyrics for this part of the song. Could you please enlighten me with the correct lyrics. Thank you.

thedevourer's picture

why dont you come to greece??? we are fucking disturbed !! xD

Disturbingtool's picture

hi i live in CT and i wanted to thank you for playing in wallingford
CT at the oak dale, ive been a fan since the sickness and this will be my first time to see you live. i would like to know what city (except your home town of chicago of course) is your favorite venue to play?

Disturbingtool's picture

why doesnt david's hair grow back?

Lewis Midson's picture



When you come to London UK.
Can you dedicate a song to me? That would be awesome :P
And what is the band's favourite Disturbed track?

Ryanvg's picture

wait! also I wanted to know... Why the hell did you skip austin, texas on your uproar tour??? I mean you guys like drove AROUND the music capital of the world!!! you're going to dallas, corpus christi, and houston! why the hell not austin??

Ryanvg's picture

hai!!! I am ryan and i live in austin, texas in travis county where i think David Draiman lives so if this gets your attention... umm what is the lyrical meaning for the songs Guarded and Decadence and numb?? those ones have always confused me..

QuickenMyEnd's picture

I have been a huge Disturbed fan since I first heard of those things were I still remember where I was when I first heard it ten years ago. *Chills* With each song that I hear, each CD that I buy and each concert I go to I become a bigger fan. You are with me to help me get through my bad days (which seem to be often lately) and with me to celebrate the good days. I LITERALLY listen to Disturbed EVERY DAY!

I've seen the past 2 Uproar shows - Saratoga and NJ...great shows all around, Disturbed rocked the shit out of both! I also was lucky enough to catch the signing in NJ even though I already have 2 pre-orders outstanding. Thank you David for showing me your chest hair...totally made my day! Perhaps even more so when your security guard thought that was a strange request :) Thanks to Dan, Mike & John also for being awesome. I love each of you!

1) What do you guys do during your off time on tour? Do you go out and about in the cities you're in, keep a low profile, rest up, play chess?

2) How many kids (and what ages) come on tour with you now? That's awesome that you can do that. Do they like to watch you play or are they immune to daddy's work? Two of my kids (aged 5 & 7) are huge fans & wanted to go to the shows.

3) How many of those jumpsuits does David have for the tour? Only David Draiman can make a jumpsuit look sexy. Again, maybe it's the chest hair :)

4) With such an extensive library of awesome songs with amazing live potential, how do you chose which songs to perform for a show? Though I loved each and every one of the songs on this tour, I could think of at least a dozen of my favorites not played.

5) After seeing you twice during Uproar, I have tickets to two more shows in the fall. What can I expect different for that leg of the tour? More Asylum songs I hope, longer set I hope, more meet & greet opportunities I hope...

Just got to say, in NJ I was 2nd row in front of John...what a stage presence! I knew every word to every song and several times John acknowledged me singing word for word. Thank you John.

MercifulAscendancy's picture

Are you guys coming to australia? if use are can you please go to melbourne. loving the new album it is great. You guys have lots of fans over here in Australia, please come down.

DiegoRocknMetal's picture

Will you visit south america for a tour?? if you do please come to argentinaa ur my idols and it will be really cool to see you guys

Sarah-jane's picture

I thought the new album was put together really well , i love that through all the years you've stayed the same \m/\m/ My question would be , Australia would really love you to come back and rock our socks off so in saying that .. Is disturbed coming to grace the shores of Australia anytime soon? At the risk of sounding desperate .. pretty pleaaaase :) Big Fan Big Metal Big Love !

godughifu's picture

Hey Disturbed!!!

Tomorrow is my friend Zach's birthday. He's the guy who showed me your for the first time and I was just wondering: do you think you could give him a shout-out?

I also wanted to know about the origins of "the guy," if that's possible.

gestört's picture

Hey guys, it's Alex from Germany.
Why the hell is there a 1:35 min. break before ISHFWILF on asylum?? Rock on!! ;-)

Ravensclaw's picture

I heard you guys have difficulty picking the singles off this album do you think that maybe you could have a poll so the fans can pick the next single for you

Disturbedgirl_Brasil's picture

Hey you guys, When will you come to Brazil? Is there any chance of a "Brazilian or South American Asylum Tour"?

Brazil loves Disturbed.Please come!!!!

Olindo Augusto's picture

You guys have been growing as musicians for about a decade, and have come up with three consecutive number one albums. As a disturbed fan and owner of these albums, why is Asylum better than the previous albums?

RMEverett94's picture

Hey Dan,
Why did you switch to Schecter?
Was Washburn getting old or something?

Sub _ Zero's picture

Hello ! :)
Do You wanna play in Poland ? We still waiting for your kicking asses fuckin awesome concert ! :)
I dont know where i should send this fan-art wallpaper so i include(?) this there. Sorry for my language .

mohamed ehab's picture

hey this is mohamed from egypt i want 2 know y a band like disturbed cant come 2 egypt there is a lot of metal heads here in egypt but we are attacked in the media so i wanna know if u guys could just think of coming 2 egypt pls answer me

Mistress-Parasite's picture

Hey im from Holton MI and I normally go by the name Mistress Parasite <3

My first question is for Mikey and Dan, what I really want to know is how Mikey, Dan, and Fuzz all met. Did they go to highschool together or something?

Also, David, would you ever consider using a song a fan has written if you actually liked it enough? (with their permition of course)

p.s I love you guys and you inspire all of my art :D

Bogooli's picture

Hey Guys, My names Bob i just wanted to say that you guys are my biggest inspiration to keep playing guitar and i love playing your music its just so AWESOMZ!!!!! I just wanted to know if you guys would be coming around Dubai soon. and can i jam with you guys if you ever come here?
-your hugest fan BOB