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Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31


  • Live Webcast with Disturbed 8/31

    Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

    Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.

    Posted 2010-08-26 17:43
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 26, 2010

Disturbed will be doing a LIVE webcast answering fan questions on August 31st. Tune into beginning at 2:30 PST/5:30 EST. Look for more details coming soon.

Want to submit questions early? Leave your questions for the band by posting a comment below.


Wutang's picture

Saw you guys in Chicago for UPROAR fest, and every time I see your show it gets more and more kick ass.

My question: Why does Ishwilf have a minute and half of silence in the beginning? It just seems to break the flow of the album. Other than that, very solid record.

SPCrosenberger's picture

hey guys my name is SPC Ryan Rosenberger im in the army national guard an i just want to say you guys are awsome thanks for the music i love listening to it ive wanted to see you guys in concert a few different times but never had the money...... i was just wondering if you guys wouldnt mind sending me an autographed photo? it would me alot to me thanks

Mr Awesome911's picture

Hey Disturbed, I'm Fluffy from NYC

Not two years ago you guys introduced me to the world of metal. I was hooked on Down with the Sickness and Inside the Fire and those epic songs solidified my interest in this music. Without you guys I wouldn't be who I am today, and hell, I might even be around. Your music has helped me through so many rough times. Thank you.

Do you guys have any advice for an aspiring musician? And, on a random note, what are the lyrics to the backing vocals on Asylum ("Terror is coursing in me.." etc.)? Just curious, lol

IndestructibleM1nd's picture

my question is for the whole band-are there any memorable moments while making asylum that you guys enjoyed alot,when it comes to alcohol what do you guys preffer hard liquor? or beer?

livewire98's picture

Just a random question, what inspired you guys to write Remnants as an intro from Asylum? I really love how it transitions over by the way. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Edmonton Alberta Canada in September!!

disturbedlotrchic77's picture

David, you are the sexiest man alive!
Dan, you are a guitar legend!
John, when you stroke that bass, it drives me crazy!
Mike, when you pound those skins, I go INSANE!

Are you planning to go out on a small venue tour again anytime soon? I can't get enough, I need my fix!

thesilenceissignificant's picture

You guys totally rocked my face off at PNC in NJ! i just have a question about your killer intro, Who and how did you guys come up with the concept? it looks amazing :)
-Christa from brooklyn ny

DisturbedOneMike's picture

My question is for David. Do you have any advice for how i can turn my writings into songs?
My other question is for John. I am learning bass, do you ahve any advice for me?

ValitoraXIII's picture

plase come back to kennewick washington. and what are your guys plans for the future?

Kikiticia's picture

Hey you guys, When will you come to Brazil? Is there any chance of a "Brazilian or South American Asylum Tour"?

Brazil loves Disturbed.Please come!!!![2]


cata's picture

When will you guys come to poor countries in the Eastern Europe, like Romania?

Bazoff's picture

U guys r the best band ever my question is for Mike the drummer, look I love drumming, I play hours a day after school, I am getting better I can almost play most of the songs, but my question is how long to u practice drumming a day (if u do), and how old were u when u first started drumming? U guys were great in Minneapolis! Please come again soon!

CZuck83's picture

There are a few songs all about lost love... Inside the Fire giving the most details, Stricken talks a lot about it, and Asylum seems to touch on the subject. Are all these songs about the same person?

Vlademere's picture

When will disturbed come to Long Island Newyork?

on the 29th i believe there was a concert scheduled at jones beach but it changed.(some of us new yorkers with unreliable transport EG:family members can't make it to a concert)

guitarmaster123's picture

and also dan, how did you get so good at guitar? your insane!!!!

guitarmaster123's picture

the best band in history, epic, cant wait to see you guys in concert its my first one ive ever been too and i was wondering, do you guys sign autographs at your concerts? no one else has answered and i was just wondering?

Sam, south carolina

wormgirlie's picture

Is Backgammon your favorite game to play before a show, or do you play anything else on a regular basis? :)

Kimberly in Kansas City

Lil Sexy's picture

I was just wondering if you guys are ever want to quit because I am hoping to at least see you once in my life before you do. I have been trying to come to one of your concerts since you guys have been together and I was going to go to the one in tulsa oklahoma since I am in Oklahoma but certain circumstances prevented it. Then tried to go to the one in dallas texas that is also coming up but not gonna make that one either. So will you guys keep having them till I see you at least once?? That is my question.

DANIEL_707's picture

Hey David. Im a huge fan of Disturbed. You guys rock!
Just was wondering about the new song My Child... Is that something that really happened to you?

ljshredder's picture

First off...YOU GUYS FUCKIN ROCK!!!!! This question is really for Dan....I have been listening to you guys from the start, I have all of your albums and I'm looking forward to getting the deluxe version of asylum tomorrow. I have been playing guitar for about 16 years. Dan what kind of scales do you use to practice...or do you have a certain way that you practice.

why_is_i_so_disturbed's picture

Hey David, I'm a big fan of you're band and i am so excited to see you perform this September in the uproar tour! Also can you shout out the name Sean Woldman? that would be great.'s picture

hey guys i hope you get a chance to read this.
my question is this:
for your next cover song would you consider doing "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen? for years now i've thought that that song would be perfect for you guys to add your pesonal Disturbed flavor to. what do you think?

p.s. we really missed you in Montreal during Uproar :(

maybe hit us back for Heavy MTL 2011? we were all there for YOU in 2008

Apocalypse41195's picture

Hey guys I have been known about you for a long time but never really got into you until about mid 2009 and then I heard all your songs and was just wondering why have all your lyrics (and music) have been becoming a bit darker than your previous albums because when I heard it I sort of had a mind trip when I saw your video for Asylum especially the ending but anyways I still love your albums and I hope I can see you guys on the uproar tour in september

Disturbed_Brasil_Now's picture

Hello, you were to many places and have done many shows,
and has many fans scattered around.
I wonder when you will come to Brazil? And what is the possibility of coming to be
Rock In Rio?

angelgurl28's picture

hey guys i just seen u at montage mountain and u guys were fuckin awsome i started listen to u guy since i heard stupiedfied cant wait till asylum comes out tommorow yay

PreditorX's picture

Have use considered touring Australia?

xangeldemuertex's picture

So your music has changed a lot from The Sickness to Believe to Ten Thousand Fists to Indestructible and now to Asylum; how does your music keep evolving while still maintaining the essence of Disturbed?

spekledworf's picture

Were there any aspects of your personal lives that were reflected on your new album?

tripple h71's picture

Hey guys i just got the new album today!! i am listening to it right now and it rocks!!!Anyways...heres my question.....Of all the songs on your new album which one is your favorite or do u guys like them all?

dimitra's picture

Is there any chance to see you in Greece someday???