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Asylum Thank You Message From Disturbed


  • Asylum Thank You Message From Disturbed

    Posted 2010-09-15 18:26
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on September 15, 2010


MAN_OF_PEACE's picture

I love this album so much I was excited listening to remnants on my way back home listening and headbanging to Asylum and screaming
awesome songs but... I really wanna buy Asylum music video on i tunes sooo badly!

theendshm's picture

disturbed #1 fir life

Demian Emil's picture

Thank you DISTURBED!!! You really are the best... you didn't disappointed us so far and i am sure as hell you will not! Keep up the great point! DISTURBED 4 EVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!!!

Nightshade363's picture

I thank you guys.. your music came into my life when I needed it the most and kepted me going and feeling strong


Disturbered's picture

NO, thank you for all these amazing songs that make me go crazy, please come to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jay12angel's picture

NO THANK YOU!!! without you guys I'd be a mess!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! p.s please come to Melbourne Australia!!!!! xx

pinia95's picture

where do i redeem my code from the album?

Droopy95Soundmonster's picture

I thank you, Disturbed, cos your music makes me feel strong and indestructible. Your fifth album was very criticized by french members of deezer, but I still think this album is certainly the best one I've listened. My fist will continue to stand for you in the air. I wish I could see you live in France one day...

Clay's picture

Can you appriciate it from australia cause you NEED to be here xD come to aus please its been way too long almost 8 years now >.<

Soul_Drummer's picture

Disturbed Going To CHILE!!!

Cassandra's picture

You are thanking us right back at you thanks so muck for your constant creation of mind blowing music well done Disturbed keep up the great work xx

DMZMetal's picture

Thank You so much for making a Kick Ass Cd. I've heard the new Lincoln Park and what happened to that group? I remember when they were on Ozzfest. I'm glad that Disturbed can still make great CD's.

Cryssy's picture

Hey hey hey if Disturbed come to Europe why no visit Poland ; ] they was last time in 2003 with Manson suport.
In poland is so much fan of Disturbed but CD's is very expensive.
So i any menager read this > please make something to invite best band on world to Poland : ]

Sorry for my english but in not wery well.

Syrinx65's picture

It's about Friggin' Time this show got here! Can't wait to see ya all especially those in the PIT. I'll be wearing my RAIDERS HAT which has a huge design Raider Shield tweaked sidways off the bill, so if ya see me, don't be afraid to say HI, I always like to meet fellow ROCKERS and say HI back !

Syrinx ....... Out !

AsylumAlliance's picture

I would have to say Asylum is my new Favorite Song from Disturbed, Me and a few friends play an online game and have added your Song to our webpage as the theme song, Alliance is Named Asylum, so your song fits perfectly, also would like to give an A+ on mentally disturbed capture in the video , possibly the best Music Video I have ever seen from any band, With all this being said, I would like to say Thank you to Disturbed for bringing us once again, a top of the charts song that will be listened to over and over again for years to come. Signed- One of your biggest fans

TJade's picture

It is u I should thank. Your lyrics got me through some tough times. At least I have now joined a community who doesn't conform to society's rules and who doesn't fit into a box.

Disturbed for Life's picture

it is i who must thank this awesome music!!! keep making this amazing songs and i will keep listening to them. forever Disturbed

Bloody Nails's picture

you're thanking us?
you guys are the one's who must be thanked in my opion.
since the day i've been infected with "the sickness", i couldn't stop listening to your music and now i'm in Asylum, i know that we will always be.......Disturbed

Devildog92's picture

The new plate rocks! i love all the songs there! Keep it up!

I remember my friend show me Ten Thousand fists, After he showed it so I started and listen to their songs again and again and again. I listen to their old songs as they were new sku. And the new album of their own. I love Asylum <3! Keep it up! I will always listen to <3Disturbed <3!

PiNkA's picture

We THANK YOU is that you are doing such a good music for their fans ...... you are, what deserved .... \ M / ....

Glorya's picture

You're welcome :). Thank YOU GUYS for making such awsome music.

AnniesBlackReign's picture

David,Dan,Mike and John you guys are right where you should and deserve to #1! You will always be #1 in my eyes no matter where you land on the boards!! I Love your music and what you stand for! You have no Idea of the strength that you give me and for that I will forever be a Disturbed one!! It's a dream coming true on Sept 30 getting to see you in Saskatoon, it would be a even bigger dream to be able to shake the hands of the men of the best band there is! Congratulations on being #1 Forever your loyal fan

doomthelight's picture

i understand my roll as well... i thank you for your thanks, but it is I who should be thanking you..

Nak's picture

You're very welcome David, Dan, Mike, and John!!! :D

But, thank YOU for being the best band ever and making the best music ever! =)

Give In To The Night's picture

Aw David, you are most certainly welcome ;)

Oh yeah, total agreement- a thank you to them from us is also needed! In fact, I think "thank you" is not enough for making such good music and giving us songs for every and any of us to bring inner strength and find an 'Asylum' to retreat to in this time of chaos! I am proud to be one of the many fists that helped them make history and may Disturbed continue to live strong!!

Indestructible_Nightmare's picture

what snap said.. we have to thank them indeed ;)
Rock on.

Snaptraks's picture

Dan didn't say a word...
But thanks to YOU Disturbed for making such awsome songs!