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Building of Asylum - Part 1


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on October 12, 2010

Watch part 1 of Disturbed building their new album Asylum. Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


ravid's picture

Please please please come to ISRAEL!

Romachild's picture

Disturbed is such so amazing thats my favourite BAND :D

But whats wrong with David?

Bendude_Sk8's picture

I love Disturbed's 'Making Of' videos!

PoisonIvy's picture

Nak, google "disturbed cancels tour"

Nak's picture

@ PoisonIvy - Whats wrong with David?!??!? I never heard about him not feeling well.

The Unforgiven's picture

Good to see "The Guys" developing a new project, the uncertainty at first and then the confidence kicking in as it all unfolds into something worth them! Can't wait to see the nest chapter.

PoisonIvy's picture

Thank you for this.

And please please please tell us more about how David's feeling.

We're all praying for him!

sylgraph's picture

Cool :)) I can not wait to see more videos about making off of Asylum cd