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"The Animal" Lyric Video


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on October 07, 2010

Download Disturbed's new single "The Animal" on iTunes now. Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


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Venomous maybe if we say it many many times the ll hear us!!!! hahhahahaha Come to Greece pls

Infected_One's picture

Blessed be you have a quick recovery, David.

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This album is what helps keep me pumped up for a lacrosse game before I go play. Especially The Animal.

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Had to be said.

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A great song for a great album... Disturbed RLZ... you're not the future of metal... YOU'RE THE PRESENT OF IT!!

splatt1's picture

best band ever..
from Estonia

Venomous's picture

Come to GREECE!!!!!!!Disturbed 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From Greece!

zkull's picture

Cool video, great album.

AnniesBlackReign's picture

LOVE The Animal one of my fav songs ..I can't get enough of Asylum i listen to it over and over..!! David I wish you a speedy recovery ..Please take care, our world without your voice would be a sad place to live .Your voice your music is what keeps me going!!Wishing you all the very best!!

Patty Reynoso's picture

The whole album is awesome! This is my favorite song in the album~I love to see how the "Animal" is interpreted. In one of the interviews that David did right before the release of the album he stated it was about a werewolf.

Nak's picture

@ whisst - Yes it is a werewolf, they have said it many times. =)

whisst's picture

I absolutely love this song! The video is fantastic and mind bending so its perfect. Want to know is the animal in question a werewolf? would love to know.

Romachild's picture

This is one of my favorite song but the whole CD is incredible just fantastic I'm a big fan of this guys they are really fantastic their songs are really powerfull and the lyrics are just brilliantly !!!!

Greetings from Austria

nathaniel40's picture

this is one of the greatest videos ive ever seen.. this would give asylum a run for its money

Winchenoch's picture

That video is made of win.

Nak's picture

Best song on the CD! And my favorite song by you guys. =)