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Building of Asylum - Part 3


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on October 22, 2010

Watch part 3 of Disturbed building their new album Asylum. Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


TheDarkestHour's picture

Asylum is such a great album. I hope they continue to make great music for years and years to come, but I do hope David is doing alright.

AnniesBlackReign's picture

LOVE The Animal it has such a awesome sound with a wicked beat combined with David's voice you guys totally kick ass all the way!!!
I agree with Medic2774 I would like to know how David is doing as well! Please pass on our concern and that we wish David a speedy but full recovery!
All the very best to you all!

medic2774's picture

How is David? We would like to hear how he is doing...