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on October 28, 2010 is now live! Play the interactive experience and try to escape to win exclusive songs, never-before-seen photos, and more, and share it with your friends by connecting to Facebook!

Commit yourself and enter the asylum at


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I'm such a wuss, haha, made it to maybe 4 commands in therapy (Look Out is just creepy, by the way, and Run is funny) and I had to leave. Maybe when I'm not alone in my house I can do this again. XD

Wulffy Kurosaki's picture

*sigh* I forgot that American dates are diffrent from the UK so I put the date where the month should be :( I was looking forward to this all day ! anyone know a way of reseting it ?

Ryuga's picture

in not get in the game only black screen

minas's picture

therapy room make me stuck, i even didn't get to the task

scrubs's picture

I still can't get in! come on, I want to take care of these scrubs !!

SurPrisE's picture

I was able to do 2 commands in the therapy room. 3 seperate times when it goes back to the keyboard, black screen.
Tried it in IE8 (farthest) and Firefox 3.6.12 (black screen at keyboard)
Please fix these bugs! I wanna play the rest of the game and get the tracks, photos, and what not.

viperstrike's picture

i double typed on my age and it says im ineligible to enter NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xgoobdocx's picture

well therapy room was working fine, typed in bleed, kill, headbang, all worked but when i typed in suicide he killed himself and it went to black screen..AGAIN lol..yea maybe try back one mroe time if not im waiting till tomarrow or a week or sumthin...give time to get bugs fixed on it..they shoulda tested it b4 publishing it like most real games do..oh well..trial and error

MinxQueen's picture

Okay I got really far in the Theropy room. I thought I was going to pass it. Before I know it I got the black screen again. I don't know whats wrong :P. I really hope they can fix it! Another thing, I don't have a web cam. I hope it wont be needed for most of the game. Then it would really suck.

MastaKiLLa's picture

it works fine...little tip...just have a look at the star cluster...u can see some red words...think about the therapy room...

gl dudes

Night Raven's picture

well on chrome all i get is looped to the video and back to this page and on IE it sends me to a black screen... any ideas would be nice

xXMiquiztliXx's picture

Ive tried playing on Firefox, IE, and chrome. i still get stuck on the therapy room =(. I hope fix this problem soon cuz i really was looking forward playin this game =P. Haha

Bakainu281's picture

maybe it will work better tomarrow. and let me in :/ they should tell us you gotta be 18+ to get in

xgoobdocx's picture

ok so i looked at adobe flash player and found out theres a specific version for the ie9 beta which is what ive been using..about to try again see if it works..lets hope so

Night Raven's picture

you all are doing better than me i just even loaded IE9 and i still can't get it to work all i get is a black scream

xgoobdocx's picture

finally got passed the mirror part..soon as i go in the therapy room and headphones put on me i look at typewriter thing and black sure needs alot of fixes for this

Yetshua's picture

Ok, this is what I've gotten so far. To get in, simply reload the page once you're there. The game loads for me whenever I do that. If I use the web cam option, I can't even make it past the mirror. The screen turns black and stays that way forever. So I had to restart a few times to figure that out. Then I just left the web cam off, and now I get stuck with the same black screen when I get to therapy. Might be because of high volume usage, maybe the browser I'm using, who knows. Maybe it's cause I'm doing this from my friends mac, and mac is useless.

Most likely though, it's just launch day issues. Most every online game has them.

Nak's picture

Fix the bugs Disturbed.

Bakainu281's picture

same here can't play :/ but i went on another comp and that works is therapy fixed yet?

Revenant88's picture

Try updating your Firefox, and definitely look for an update to your adobe flash player!

chescah123's picture

mine does the same thing at the mirror bit but if you do it without the webcam you dont get the bonus, i think this thing needs a bit of tweaking.

xgoobdocx's picture

well...the mirror part isnt worken..she holds up the mirror then it folds down and black screen with sounds still playen...tried 3 times already..guess this time im gonna try without selecting the camera...see if that helps anyone else get it worken passed that point let me know still think they shoulda made this a downloadable application prolly woulda worked alot better

MinxQueen's picture

I got a little farther. I was able to type in one thing in Therapy, but I got the black screen of death again. :(

chescah123's picture

Mine keeps on going blank or restarting itself.

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little tip guys
appearantly you'd need to be 18+ to play this
so be or fake that your 18 as i can't play now

who came up with the fact that a 15 year old can't see bloody / gore or whatever things?
it would be nice if this unneccesary age requirement got removed : )

MinxQueen's picture

I get stuck at Therapy. I am using Internet Explorer

chescah123's picture

try changing your browser, i was using google chrome and it didnt work so i tried internet explorer and now its working perfectly hope this helps!

Revenant88's picture

The Asylum is getting stuck when I enter the "Therapy" ;/
As in, the screen stays black but the msuic is playing...

R.J. Knowles's picture

Define stuck?

Huty_0's picture

can't even get it to start!!