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"The Animal" Music Video Trailer


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on November 11, 2010

Watch the trailer for Disturbed's music video for their new single "The Animal." Subscribe to their Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


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Certainly I amaze by seeing this video, As I have also my dog(Boxer).
The trailer rocks and the latest movie trailer always makes something to look and also music trailer.

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I was wondering if that was Lena too. Cool video, it went well with the song. I love this song , "Serpentine" and "Leave it Alone" the most off of the new album.

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It is an amazing video. I am an animal lover i like every thing related to them. This video is fabulous like hell. I just adore it.
Recording Studio

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Again I feel that fans outside the US have been as second rate. I have tickets for the show in Amsterdam and this will be my 3rd Disturbed concert in this region.
Still we are always treated as the unworthy stepchild when it comes to releases. You cannot expect your fan base here to grow if you do not treat fans equally.

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For people in the mountain time zone, the music video premiere will show at 10pm Tuesday night! ^_^

Then thirty minutes of "Decade of Disturbed" will show at 12:30am Wednesday morning.

Can't Wait!! ^_^

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Just incase nobody did this or knows this already, but I went ahead to see the schedual on the TV and yes it's Wednesady morning. It actually starts at midnight and goes to 12:15 am on Wednesday morning just before an episode of "Pranked" (they just say Tuesday at 12:15 cause the TV Station doesn't consider it 'The Next Day' until 1 am). So either put on a pot of coffee or down a pack of energy drinks around 10 pm Tuesday night and stay up till midnight, or set your DVR!!!

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I agree with DMZMeta it makes the movie that more intense even though iv heard the animal a hundred times and i'm gonna listen to it a thousand more before i even think about like that would ever happen.:p

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assholes thats really mean!.lol..i cant freakin wait to see the real one. I've never seen a trailer for a music video before, let alone one that teased me so bad rock disturbed

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Sweet! The whole band's in the vid this time. B)

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The trailer is awesome. Can't wait for the release.

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so is the premier 12:15 am wednesday morning? or tuesday morning? im guessing wednesday

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Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My all time favorite song from you guys! :D

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Looks hella good lolz cant wait to see it.
sucks i cant watch the premiere Dx i dont have mtv2

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Can't watch it, because I'm living in Germany and the video contains content of WMG (who would've thought?!)

Seriously, WMG ... Music videos on Youtube are promotion. for free. world wide ... Not being able to watch music videos of a band on the band's own website is kinda fucked up!

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It looks cool, I think it makes the song more intense.

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Ohhh! the cute little dog!! -_-'

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It's so beautiful
I love it

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Looks great :)))))
Is that Lena in video? :D

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This looked fucking great. I want to see it all!!!

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Oh My God that looked fucking awsome!! Can't wait to see the whole damn thing!!