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on October 28, 2010 is now live! Play the interactive experience and try to escape to win exclusive songs, never-before-seen photos, and more, and share it with your friends by connecting to Facebook!

Commit yourself and enter the asylum at


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Okay, so I'm not even going to lie man. I entered my real DOB in the asylum thing but I'm not old enough for it to let me in. I tried clearing my cookies and junk but it didn't work. Anyone know when it'll let me reenter the DOB or how I can make it? Thanks

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Hi SolidSnake4444, im the admin of
if you want instrumental tracks look at this link...
maybe you already saw that...but i share with everybody.
see ya.

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Thank you very much Ben, that is exactly what I was looking for!

I wonder if an Asylum instrumental exists.

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for the game do you need a microphone

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what can i do to go pass the mirror test.

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I went pass the jacket but when I got to this part where I was supposed to scream out loud, I screamed already (but still keeping it low, i'm playing in the middle of the night and neighbors may kill me LOL) even in front of the goddamn mic and I still couldn't pass :( pisses me off T_T what should I do T_T

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Hey solidsnake4444, i found a link to download The Animal instrumental.


Update: K nm. Figured it all out, lmao!

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So the facebook sign in is not working correctly and personally I use nothing else so if who ever runs the site check that out that would be appreciated.

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Thank you very much for the link to Old Friend. I didn't even know that came out and I have been waiting for the B-sides. Thank you.

I really want The Animal Instrumental. I heard you get it for 100% for the game. I see several people claiming they got 100% but none of them actually say how they did it. I think it's bull personally cause no one yet, on mutiple websites, have stated how to do it.

Such as what raises the percentage, and what doesn't. I entered in all the red words and only got a 27%, using a webcam. I don't see any connection to raise it.

Please help, I want to get 100%.

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Word to the wise, don't type in "Kill Me".

Also, for those having trouble after putting in the wrong birthdate; if you have windows 7, you can use "inprivate browsing" and it will always ask you for your birthdate.

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i hope there isn't a rule forbidding links here? (some forums have)
anyway this is old friend, missed it as well but as i've heard it's the new name of one of the 2 B-sides.
it's awesome : )

hope this wasn't posted somewhere else already xD

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89% too bad i dont have a web cam!!!

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64% Disturbed
Someone please post the Mine and Three tracks here.

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55% highest i could get, but i ended up with 1 more photo than the 100% image someone posted... what is with this & how the hell do you get 100%?

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no. you're wrong.

Mine is a totally different song from Old Friend.

Mine talks about how religion is the catalyst of war.

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i thought the song tittle for Mine was changed to Old Friend?

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what are you dumb??

Mine and Three are the other B-side tracks that were believed to be part of Asylum but never made the final set list.

I figured when they said "exclusive" music, those would be it. Guess we got duped.

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I accidentally typed in the wrong year, could you guys possibly help me?

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I accidentally typed the wrong year...T.T Is there any way to get in? or am I just stuck. T.T

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What's Mine or Three? I got some live tracks, photos and Warrior. Is there more than that? Really wanna know what the full amount u can get is!!!

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I took a screenshot of the constellation page to look at while I was in the Therapy Room. Thought it might be useful to you all, so here you go!

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00Wizard00, the same thing happens to me when I click the Windows Live icon and the Yahoo one too.

Anyways, this is pretty cool, but I wish it was longer :/ Hopefully they'll make some updates and renovations soon so that it's better.

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Anyone else just getting a pop up after clicking the facebook icon that says "Token Response" and there it sits? Is the site just very very slow load and when I come back in the morn it will be running or does anyone have any ideas how to get it going?

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i only got Warrior as a digital track.


what about Mine, or Three??

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so wat are the songs we can get if we win?

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I got a bit freaked out the first time I typed in bleed:D Gotta try it with a webcam at some point.

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wwecom i did the same thing yesterday it doesnt seem to ever work

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then the constellation gives you a bunch of clues, like rage, raise, freak, touch, kill, punch, crazy, drug, pleasure, head, spazz, laugh, medicate, sedate, hit, stand up, kick, yell, scream, spit, loogie, schoke, sad, silly, feel, taste, happ, stare, violence, excited, stand, rock, lick, food, look, desk, possess, run away, shout, left, party, right, knock, leave or bleed, die, smile, seizure, stroke. those are all the words in red.


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the song you get is warrior, nothing we didn't already have hah, but it was so cool!