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Cinemax Tour Stories Clip


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on February 07, 2011

Watch two new clips of Disturbed from their Cinemax Tour Stories episode HERE. For more details on the show visit


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best heavy metal band
waiting for the new release....

vedic mathematic

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Oh shit do these vids ever make a skeptic outta me.
Did anyone bother to pay attention to those live clips of Draiman singing Another Way to Die?

He sucked! Like, horribly! What's going on with his voice?
I hope he doesn't sound that bad when Disturbed comes to my town...
Still going to see 'em, I bought my floor tickets yesterday, but man, now I'm worried about how well Draiman's gonna perform...

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HI FIVIN' TA THERE MORIAH77! and throwing up the metal horns!! No amount of haters,or their mindless zombie rants will EVER impede or stop the DISTURBED MACHINE. ALL HAIL THE POWER OF DISTURBED!!!!!!

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@bettayetta, all I can say is... WOW, you are a peice of work!!

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And this is what I call the WTF moment... Honestly, there is a serious difference between being a fan and being obsessed about someone... Ok I get it, Dave there is an interesting guy whose features pop a lot of cherries and wet a lot damn more panties, I know, I am a woman and I have a good set of eyes, and were I not married, Dave there would certainly be the kind of guy to lead me astray, and I too, as a woman and fan, am way over my head about the concert in my country, but there is one or two things to be kept in mind: first of all, he is a lead singer, not the guy next door whom you can actually get to screw in a blink of an eye until the poor guys' eye balls pop out; secondly he only owes aligeance to himself and his better-half; third, this is not a direct attack to anyone, the guys are merely sharing past stories that most bands have, thus there is no need to get all worked up about it, yet if the hat fits.. or then again maybe you are just trying to drag attention to yourself. Anyway... Fourth: if the guy is getting married, what is that to you anyway? His life his thing and there is nothing you can do about it...
you seem to have made your homework on Dave, and it intrigues me truly when you say you have done so much for him... tattooed his name on your left boob? Anyone can do that with a ballpoint pen, and it can be washed off... easy...
To me, all this crap just shows me a sick girl that cannot distinguish the difference between reality and the meaning of the "in your wildest dreams" expression, and if I were Dave, I'd have more than reasons to want to keep such creature at bay, I mean, following a person everywhere, taking pictures and offering a collage, that's a psychopath thing dear... If I as a woman would like to get a piece of him? Why, of course, he is a nice male specimen and any woman would like to "ride that bike", plus my opinion is merely based upon male-female relations, not disturbed lead singer-female relations, but as far as I go with the fanzone stuff, I'll be just fine with being in the front row jumping and singing until my voice fails me when I attend to the show... Lay off the drugs little lady and grow some brains, would do you good, really, otherwise someday this will get you killed... or commited for that matter...

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Disturbed, Tim Dearlove here from pgh pa. in my personal opinion, ur right this is your greatest work ever! and i also feel this is the closest to The Sickness as you've come to record wise.. inside the fire, was fucking beautiful music and lyric wise compliments to all members! but when you put several songs on the record with (ear candy type stuff, baby cring so forth ..) u create that brutal magic again that was so popular on the sickness.vocally and rythmically. however, i think in place of sacrifice and the infection, you could have put "old friend" and porbably "mine" i havent heard mine yet, but the subject matter would of been strong enough i think. i know i have to hear the other songs to know better but i got a hunch u could of put old friend and mine on in place of sacrifice and the infection. cant wait to see u guys in pgh!

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Wow, that one chick must have been a bit crazy. I think David secretly enjoys, though.

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I'm sorry, but that wall of text did not make much sense. For being a writer, the point you were trying to get across I believe was lost. I did not understand most of what you were saying.

I do not believe David meant any harm towards the band's female fans in any way. The clip is of tour stories, and that is what he was doing, telling a tour story.

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";;" Ok, How's this...I believe every single time David Draiman speaks out it is based on 'motive'. He has far-reaching tentacles and reasons for every move he makes. He has aliases via computer. He is capable via internet to do all his handiwork, which is the reason he wanted to start out the business via the computer to begin with. The whole reason for the clip was accomplished in that he was able to piss off certain people enough to pull out their creative bits posted that were no doubt making someone paranoid. It's called profiling. Look at this post. It hit on mine almost immediately. I am probably the target since in my creativeness I speak of numerous fantasies of flying to Texas to attend the show, of hoping he will keep me company over Valentine's day, many other fantasies that never bothered anyone until the engagement. I know he is very intelligent, and can premeditate moves people will make almost perfectly. That is what attorneys do! I have been studying him and his 'gift' for a long time. I almost let this minor episode throw me for a loop, but I have the gene too. My studies and details are part of my creativeness. I can't stop any more than he can. And I won't. Ignore me, David, it comes with the territory. You know that. She will get used to it. ";;" Don't send me anymore mail. That's the only reason I came here in the first place, you know that, also. It was a setup. I won't come back here if I am not notified of anything, so leave me alone. I've done enough FOR you. I don't understand why you can't just let it go at that. I am who I am. You can't change that. I won't disappear. I'm not Steve. Congrats on your engagement. Good luck. ";;"