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Vote for Dan Donegan on the Revolver Golden Gods Awards!


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on February 24, 2011

Dan has been nominated for Best Guitarist in the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, so head over to to vote right now!


John420's picture

tere may be alot of people that like a7x but there are alot more that love disturbed, or at least there should be. Vote for dan anyway so he wins the god damn award!!!

splatt1's picture

Dan is the best guitarist anyway, so he shouldn't even be in the poll.

splatt1's picture

Danny really deserves the award
but i think that faggoty a7x will win coz ALOT of aholes love them..
And what is this a7x propaganda shit? Why isn't there an option to choose Disturbed in every poll?

Impure Soul's picture

Damn, I was gonna vote Rammstein the best live-performing band but I'm not from the friggin' states.

As if USA kids know which music is best.
They should at least allow them Europeans to vote; that's where all the best music comes from.

Darky7's picture

why is a7x in every possible poll?

cmon david is so much better than M.Shadows :D

sad i can't vote as i'm not from USA though. (the zip code stuff)
gogo guys vote for dan ^^