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Exclusive Download of "3" To Benefit the Damien Echols Defense Fund


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on April 28, 2011

Starting today, Disturbed will be selling a previously unreleased song called "3" for $.99 directly on their website, and donating the proceeds to the Damien Echols Defense Fund.

This song is ONLY available through Disturbed's site, so get it now!



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Purchased the song, And was given a broken download link, Not happy

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I'm italian and, of course, I don't have an american address can I buy this amazing song? Let's think all together..

kidwingedwolf's picture

Couldn't download either, now i'm upset...

freethethree's picture

Thanks to the band for their generosity and support of the cause. Anyone who wants to learn more about the men known as the West Memphis Three please come to

Buscaglia's picture

Excelente, no sólo Disturbed me hizo el día con una nueva canción, si no que trata y a beneficio de un caso que llevo siguiendo hace mas de 15 años, Gracias a David, Dan, John and Mike por la ayuda a esta causa de injusticia contra estos tres jóvenes.

Excelent, not only Disturbed made my day with a new song but also is about and in benefit of a case that I've been following for the last 15 years. Thanks to David, Dan, John and Mike for helping the West Memphis Three . See you in Tampa \m/ o_o \m/

Héctor Buscaglia
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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@Fuffl - You can purchase it with PayPal. I'm a DJ and I can tell ya that it's always better to support the artists. Especially when proceeds go to a particular cause.

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Sick track. Yes it is about the Memphis Three!! Sounds like it may have been recorded in the 10,000 Fists era but I'm not sure.

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Haven't listened to it yet!!!!! DON'T TELL MEEEZ!

Vermi's picture

Ahhhh this song is so god damn nice .... This was worth the Money !!! :D

Dan's solo is awesome !

"Im sick and terrefieeeeed " !!!!!
Awesome song!

Greetings from Austria to all Disturbed Fans. :D

Fuffl's picture

would someone be so kind and send it to me via email?
i dont have a credit card :(

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ahh now its up, Awesome!!

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Be patient my friend

sic-90's picture

Wont let me download either, just keeps bringing me back to the front page. :(

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Pofin esta la canción nueva :)

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I keep clicking download but nothing happens!


youtube: DownWithTheHerman