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Exclusive Download of "3" To Benefit the Damien Echols Defense Fund


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on April 28, 2011

Starting today, Disturbed will be selling a previously unreleased song called "3" for $.99 directly on their website, and donating the proceeds to the Damien Echols Defense Fund.

This song is ONLY available through Disturbed's site, so get it now!



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i would like my own copy of 3, but the link no longer works how can i get one? any help would be appreciated

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GUILTY. I want my 99 cents back.

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This song seriously blows, not quite as bad as "Another Way to Die", but seriously, Disturbed has turned into Whitney Houston with a rockin' guitar player. I'm mean really, at this point I think Garth Brooks rock album when he released it under Chris Gains put out better music. Get this crap out of your system and get back to rockin' already. Thanks.

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Posting this on a random picture :) some small names i think that are influenced by the way i hear there music.
David, The Soul-Churner.
Dan, The Shredder.
John, The Heart-Beater.
Mike, The Earthquake.

If this message doesn't say this was made by Loudon its fake. :P
Posting this on a random picture :) some small names i think that are influenced by the way i hear there music.
David, The Soul-Churner.
Dan, The Shredder.
John, The Heart-Beater.
Mike, The Earthquake.

If this message doesn't say this was made by Loudon its been nicked lol. :P

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guys...are you planning to release this album in the phillipines???....i want to know when...

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To download the song, follow the links as usual.

Once you reach the song player, or the last link if you don't have QuickTime or whatever, go to the top of your Internet browser and hit File > Save Page As...

Save it to your Desktop or wherever you wish.

That's how I did it.

Edit: These are instructions in Firefox. The basics should always be the same. "File > Save Page" or "File > Save Page As..."

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yea man

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I also Paid And Did not get a download link. Good cause and all but you should get the fucking song??

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This is one of those sickening bitter-sweet moments. I wish I had more time to visit this site so that I could have seen this earlier. I love the song though and really hope that they can find peace soon.

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Just Got 3 It's An Awsome Awsome Song I Encourage You All To Buy It 99. Is Not A Lot But Every Dollar Counts Help Some One With Your Dollar Today Oh Some One Post The Song Online Please Don't Use That Link Buy It I KNOW I DID!!

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This song is fucking amazing! Im so glad that disturbed would do something like this. They have always been the type of people that would go out of there way to create something so beautiful and then turn around and dos something so out of the blue with it. The donation stuff is awsome and that is the main reason i love this band, because they dont give a shit about money, they just want to spread the sickness and make people feel great which is exactly what they will do for these guys. Keep up the amazing work guys!!!

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i just bought the song, but didnt get an download link, do i have to buy it again?

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hey disturbed, tim here from pgh pa.. 2 things, first just wnted to correct david on somthing.. i recall in the DOD dvd u mentioned that "Down With The Sickness" is so popular cuz of the "oh wa ca ca ca".. it is famous for tht yea, but its also famous cuz of its hook... "open up your hate and let it flow into me" tht hook in the song is probably one of the strongest hooks u guys have ever written, "inside the fire" of course has tht powerful hook "give your soul to me for eternity.. asylum itself has a powerful hook, and its like i said the closest uve come to the sickness cuz it has the same driving power tht the sickness had.. and last... to whom ever the dishonnorable mother fucker that posted "3" on the internet for downloading... i hope u fucking rott in hell for all eternity.. i bought the song proudly off disturbeds website and its great!! how the fuck would u feel if you were in prison and disturbed released the song to benefit your defense fund so you could once again taste good food and breathe the fresh air of freedom again.. only to find out some asshole posted the song for downloading and no one bought it anymore cuz instead of giving a fuck about someone who is innocent u just wnted to get the song for free... fuck u to whom ever posted it for downloading!!! ur no true fan and ur a fucking disgrace!.. disturbed has worked their asses off all yr and all touring cycle just to go out of their way to give as much back to the fans as possible... Asylum deserves to go platinum in the states! its dark and powerful!...i can't even put into words how pissed i am to know "3" is posted for free downloading.. i hope if they do find out who did it, they sue the fuck out of your asses!. as i said b4 how would u feel if u were stuck in prison for tht fucking long and the song was released for the benifit of your legal defense... better hope they still get freed despite the song bein posted ... thts just fucked up... disturbed i believe u know the where im talkin about where its posted at.... anyways i just wnted to vent and express my opinion on the matter. i do apologize for the excessive language and attitude but it really irritates me when this happens. thnks for your time..... Tim

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Two quick questions:

1. Where can I find the lyrics, or can anyone post them? I can understand most of the words but some of them kinda get mushed in with the sound of the instruments and I miss them. Other than that it is a great song.

2. So 3 came out along with Leave it alone and they both sound like studio quality, in which the sound is loud and clear. Old Friend, from where I got it, sounds lower and more staticy as in not as loud and as "clean". Does anyone know if its supposed to be like that, or is there somewhere I can buy/download the high quality studio Old Friend? I don't know if Disturbed released Old Friend or not cause I vaguely remember it being a spotify leak or something.


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I think it is fantastic that the guys have done this for the WM3!! Love the song, it is friggen AWESOME!!!

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Amazing song!

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Damn, sweet song, awesome message, anyone know if or how I can download this in the UK?

Exterminatorcj's picture

Damn, sweet song, awesome message, anyone know if or how I can download this in the UK?

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Where does it go when you download it?

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Ended up paying for it again, cause google chrome messed up my download. But at least this time i got it, and its going for a good cause! :)

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What a phenomenal song, I've been listening to it all day. It really makes people aware of what happened to the West Memphis Three. As always, a hardcore track with meaning behind it.

You guys were killer in Newcastle, AUS last night. I'll definitely be coming back next time. We all are DISTURBED!

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question, when will the fund be over?

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AMAZING, this is why I love disturbed, theyr so unique

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guyz try right clicking the link and goto save link as..worked 4 me :)

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OMG new song freakn rocks!!!

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can someone sent it me via email too cause i dont have a credit cart either??pleaseeeeee i want to listen to it...............snif snif...... :-(

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Can't download it! Gonna cry!

Picklwarrior's picture

Can't download it! Gonna cry!

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Got the song and it absolutely rocks. I have followed this case since I saw the special that HBO ran all those years ago. Keep supporting these guys till they are freed from jail for a crime that they did not commit. Disturbed rocks for helping these three out.