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Thanks For Downloading "3"


Disturbed1 Team's picture
on May 17, 2011

Thanks to everyone who purchased Disturbed's "3" - All the proceeds go to the Damien Echols Fund to support The West Memphis Three. For more information go to Get the song only at


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Beautifoal's picture

OMG I love it it is totally amazing.

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My Brothers, TY for doing this for those innocent fellas WHO ARE NOW FREE as of August 19, 2011. I loved the 3 song I bought. UNLUCKY though for me, my laptop got hacked into & the 3 tune was lost. SO is there a way I can reload it into my laptop & Ipod? Thanks for ALL you do & the FANTASTIC show August 12, 2011

tubagod1980's picture

The "3" are being released! Just reported on A memphis judge has accepted the plea to let them free.

Badebasseng's picture

It is bad I can not buy this from Norway, but at least I have the video.

It was awsome!

All the best

Gokux's picture

Great song. I hope these innocent men go free. These poor kids deserve better, they did nothing!

KodiakICE's picture

I would love the last album with no lyrics. It Rocks, but then you hear the words. Disturbed can't promote video games, thats just another way to die.

analogkid's picture

I hear there making the music for the new Cars2 Kids video game coming out with lyrics about driving safe and wearing your seabelts and using your blinkers. There music still rocks but lyrics are so cheesy these days I wish you could by the albums without lyrics.

disturbed psycho's picture

i think thet the three men thet in the pictre are the ones thet ran away from prison and was never found. i jest dont remember the name of the prison

WarpedOS's picture

I just love to see bands take up causes like the Memphis 3, and get drones to donate money. Isn't there enough reality court shows on TV for stuff like this?

ziv's picture

Grantman, you're an idiot.
Doing something because Avenged Sevenfold did it?
Comeon, that's so lame!

If Disturbed got invited to do the music for an awesome new game, then that'd be great, but to do it just cos they did?
Disturbed doesn't need to prove anything to Avenged Sevenfold, personally, I like A7X a lot, but I think Disturbed is many times better.


Grantman54's picture

I think that the Disturbed being the most awesome band right now should make a song for call of duty n zombies cause if sevenfold can then Disturbed should as well.

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Sou1forged's picture

As soon as I heard of this song and its cause I immediately went to buy it. Alas, purchasing seems to require me to live in the US, which I don't so I wasn't able to. Is there any other way? It would be so easy to just download the song illegaly, but that wouldn't be fair to its cause. I want to support this.

ziv's picture

Sadly, I can't buy it from Israel...
If you could get it to work for us with Visa, that would be awesome!

Waiting to enjoy more Disturbed creation,

disturbed_person2000's picture

hey disturbed, tim here from pgh pa, just wanted to say your welcome for the purchase of "3" hopfully justice will be done and those three souls will be freed from prison and hopfully theres still enough evidence to put the real criminal behind bars!....can't wait to meet u guys on july 29 in pgh hopfully if i look around i might see u guys walkin around or somthing if im lucky enough. hopfully i'll meet ya. ever since i started listening to the sickness your music has been nothing short of an inspiration to me to change my life around.. and 4 that i thank each of u for the gift of your music! it would be a life long dream to work for u guys as a staff member. not sure if it'll ever happen but like i said it would be a dream come true! wish u all the best, hope your all doing well. david hope your singing voice never dies on u. you truly do have one of the most glorious and unique voices in all the genre!.. when u and the rest of the band gets together and plays its like magic literately! thnks for your time ... Tim Dearlove.