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Get the new Disturbed iPhone app!


  • Get the new Disturbed iPhone app!

    Disturbed have just launched their own iPhone app, which gets you immediate access to the latest news and more. Click here to get it, or search for "Disturbed" in the App Store directly on your iPhone. Stay tuned for the next phase of this app, which will have photos, tour info, music and more.

    Posted 2009-04-17 21:03
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on April 17, 2009

Disturbed have just launched their own iPhone app, which gets you immediate access to the latest news and more. Click here to get it, or search for "Disturbed" in the App Store directly on your iPhone. Stay tuned for the next phase of this app, which will have photos, tour info, music and more.


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Sweet, Just getting into Disturbed and can't wait to get this app. So many other bands are scrubs, but Disturbed ROCKS!!!!

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Just tried to find the app on iTunes and in the App store on my iPhone, they get rid of it?

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Wow!!..I will get this for sure..just got a newer version of iphone and searching for a Disturbeb app..This should be one of my favorite.

Thanks guys!

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its good that disturbed team is providing relief from the traditional applications of iphone application. i myself use iphone and i got this application with me. it's nice one. and i expect some more improvements from in applications by disturbed team. hats up to disturbed team.

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live the disturbed!!!

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