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Check out the winners of the Disturbed Hell cover contest!


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on November 08, 2011

The four winners of the Disturbed Hell Cover Contest have been announced! Congrats to YouTubers GuitarHeroPhenom, rufusdisturbed, SalvationBloodshed, thatmetalbassist, who have each won a 10,000 Fists guitar signed by Todd McFarlane!


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Thanks for all the views and the positive feedback I've received. It was a blast learning and playing the song. I'm so proud to win :)

I'll be making a video when I get a chance with the technical outline of how I made my video for anyone who is interested.

Well done to the other winners and the other people who made videos. I watched most of them and there are some talented people out there. Keep up the good work, and keep that Disturbed fire burning.

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GuitarHeroPhenom, They clearly were the best. But as a band find another drummer and let the lead singer perform, and be the frontman. I wonder if these guys play out anywhere?

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I knew who would be picked, but i couldnt face it, sadly you guys picked all the people who are rich(excluding one) but then again it was a skill contest, so next time you guys do one of these, ill do better, keep on doin wut u do!!!!!!!!

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-sigh- I really, really wanted to win. But good job to the winners you guys did great.

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Been waiting for this to be announced :P.
Awesome work guys, the right people won!
Unfortunatley my cover wasnt picked but then again, neither were a whole bunch of other peoples :).
Well done to everyone who participated in the contest and good luck in any future contests!