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Down With The Sickness

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on April 18, 2008
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one of the best songs you guys ever made when are you coming to belguim again regards

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Dawn Of The Dead 2004!!!!

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disturbed = a fuck hellsya bros

Disturbedone13's picture

best song ever

viper248300's picture

You need the unedited version

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Darkness489's picture

i feel so let down by the fact that i can not find the whole song not even on their on page. it's up setting for me because i recently had my sickness stolen.

s-t-r-i-c-k-e-n's picture

how do i do to see it ? there's a "WMG" ???

mynewps2's picture

i am new to this site! it rox, so does this song

eddiewaga's picture

i had my first lap dance to this song haha one of the best moments of my life =P

Payback316's picture

I'm gonna love this fukin' song 'till the day I die.

I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

rock_on's picture

they played this at the beginning of a race i was in... i reached the speakers right when the growls started up only thing that went through my mind was FUCK YEAH!!!!

lucifar's picture

one of your best songs absolutly awesome

wolfboy1692's picture

Down With The Sickness is one of Disturbed's all time best songs. It just plainly pwns

Ninja rocker14's picture

Totally right. Down with the sickness is like one of they're best songs. i just wish i could download it to my mp3. keep in touch

your fellow rocker
The Ninja

Deceiver_of_man's picture

First song I ever heard WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 2002. Wasn't a fan then, but in 2006, I wasn't a stupid kid anymore. I love this band and will for the rest of my life. they touch on everything I've ever gone through in life.

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FreakyCrane's picture

i can´t see the video! i have all the disturbed´s cds and i love the sckness cd. so i´m pretty pissed. but anyways i can´t wait to see disturbed LIVE at finland´s Old Ice Hall!!

disturbed4ever63's picture

i dont fucking care what enyone else says this is the best band in the fucking world yeah!!!!!!!!!!

demander599's picture

0 0
^^^^^^^ doggy head
i think this is the best song

armyvetchick's picture

Love the growls!!! This song reminds me of my Army days. It will always remain a classic Disturbed song that everyone will remember. Rock Hard guys!!!


Buzzard's picture

their fucking awesome!!!

moonfire's picture

They cut out the best part man! That can't be legal! well, guess it can't be helped. The song still kicks ass, so whatever.

Nsanely Disturbed13's picture

No matter how many times i here this song or see the vid, its still kick ass!!! Its still one of my favorite along with Inside the Fire and Ten Thousand Fists.

Keep Kicking Ass!!!!!!!

keeper_of_lost_souls's picture

This song is the first I had ever heard by Disturbed. I was a huge fan of older music and never got into the whole modern rock scene. After hearing this song, Disturbed went to the top of my list of most listened to bands. Each new album that is released impresses me beyond words. Keep rockin guys, you are the Gods of Rock.

8upfan's picture

8upfan,this song is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!LMao

HOMER13's picture

No matter how many times I hear that song it still ROCKS!!!

surounded in flame's picture

this is definatly one of my favorite disturbed songs of all time next to inside the fire and deify, u guys rock

disturbed 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chernazhena's picture

It was the rallying Cry that AWOKE Me! Still one of my Favorite DISTURBED Songs!

Demian Emil's picture

yeep...this is the first song I've heard from u!!!


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