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on June 03, 2008
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that place was really a mess xD, but the tour was interesting's picture

Maybe we're looking in the wrong place? I bought the limited edition disk, and have the password, account, etc...

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Yes i did do that and i paid about $50 so i could get my cd today and guess what? no cd

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I bought the cd how do i see the full video?

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im pretty sure u have to buy the limeted edion one u have to get that on the internet u cant get it in stores

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Hey, my copy of Indestructible finally came in the mail today, and I went to enter the code from inside the packaging so I could get access to the full video. Guess what? The code has already been used! Yep. Go figure.

What can I do about this? Is there a tech support line for this site? I mean, I love the band, I love the music . . . . I'm just a little irritated by this minor point.

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