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"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

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on August 10, 2010

"Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

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Jimmy the Rev Sullivan A7X's picture

your song is soo true! im sad yall broke up but i understand why..a little... so im not mad but you guys are awesome!

davey343's picture

i love this song

ames_heartless's picture


DeinKarl1990's picture

GREAT VIDEO!!!...good job for the disturbed....the video has a full of stories about in our human races.....goddamn it...nice video at all, than any other vids....:D

Chancey's picture

awesome song and video, the world looked bad

DaKrzFkr's picture

I said it was a good song and video, I just dont agree with the message. If you dont understand what the hell Im saying watch this, then maybe...MAYBE your eyes will open.

As I said this "man made global warming" is a small part of a world conspiracy to control man, and our freedoms. It is not about "saving the planet" its about power over us all.

If you have the time, watch this. Its over 2 hours, but sums up what Im trying to tell you better than anything else I could say.

For those of you who watched the 2 hour clip, and are still in dis-belief, or denial. I ask you, what are these for if its not true? (once there follow any related video)...then DO YOU SEE?

Shadow_Darnite's picture

Buen video y buena canción, es floja como canción. Pero tiene sentimiento y profundidad con algo que es un futuro claro y cercano.
Como bien dice...otra forma de morir.

"Great Video and Good Song. It's a light song, but it's got a lot of sentiment. This song is probably the descripcion of the nearest and clearest future."

Sorry, mi english can i say this...?. Basic or Limited xD.

Disturbed Come TO SPAIN!!!! ¬¬

doomthelight's picture


crazycosme_0928's picture

Yeah man i dont know what that dudes talking about. this Video and song is absolutely awesome. They prob got the idea because of the incident in the Gulf.

b.reeves21_6371's picture

This video/song is AMAZING!!!!!!! The world needs more music like this with these very true & very sad messages!

Drodnik's picture

i love this song good lyrics and riff

i also like the video shows to me a terrible truth ..if we don start doing something soon ..there aint gunna be a world left

DaKrzFkr's picture

I think the song is very good, good beat, catchy riffs. It seems produced and structured well. But I dis-agree with the subject matter. It seems like a good way to get a point across, global warming is happening, but man has little to nothing to do with it. To fall into the lies about man made global warming, and ignore all the facts that this was a lie from the begining to help establish a N.W.O. and create another giant burocracy simply to control man, currency, and individual freedom, is sad. The video shows many things that have nothing to do with the truth of global warming, and does nothing but help the uninformed become a victim.

deathhunterj81_9051's picture

i also agree with what xevos0621 said to jrm394 don't know how u hate it shows whats going on in the world plus the song does fit the vid i thought i was a good way to put it out there

deathhunterj81_9051's picture

yeah i like the vid to goes to show how messed up some parts of our world are and how people can change it if they tried

pakman2525's picture

Love the song, should get people thinking which I am guessing it is meant to do. Vid was a great take on where we could be headed.

evanman's picture

great song and the message behind it is very good fucking Disturbed rocks

DisturbedTJH679's picture

Great message.....Disturbed Rocks!!!

disturbed boy 2002's picture

disturbed keep the song comeing i am one of the 10,00 fist i love this song so much and i hope u keep comeing up with new shit

susandow65's picture

this song is awesome. It is exactly where we are heading. They get the message across. Disturbed is the shit!!!!! The song and video gave me goosebumps! Keep the music coming

xevos0621's picture

jrm394 your an idiot this is a great song it has a great message i love it cant wait for the next album. we need to change our ways or we r srewed.

devil lady's picture

well, lots of different comments!!!! but i must say disturbed have put this song across just perfect, u guys keep it up. Cant wait to buy the album on the waiting....

kaplah55's picture

A disturbing glimps of our future if we don't curb our excessess.

Disturbed_freak21's picture

I agree dlord257, it may be our future if we don't change our ways. Disturbed puts a lot of messages in their music but if anything I think this is one message we can all agree on!

dlord257's picture

love the new song and vid. and i agree that if that is the future, we are fuckin screwed, and it will be our future if we dont stop fuckin shit up

Disturbed will rage on's picture

dud if u love disturbed you would enjoy every song they make even if you don't like the song u should always know that if the earth really did look like this in the future then we are all fucking screwed besides i think they did fucking awesome on the vid and song

kniblack's picture

Are you kidding, this song is fricken awesome and the video is great in its semi-realistic depiction of what the world will probably be like if we keep treating the world like we do

jrm394's picture

i can honestly say that i hate this vid and the song. i dont know why disturbed would release this song and vid to represent their new album because while the riff is catchy the lyrics are weak and the solo is unimpressive. on top of that the video is boring. dont get me wrong i love disturbed but i think this song was a mistake.

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