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"Asylum" Music Video

"Asylum" Music Video

"Asylum" official music video

"Asylum" official music video

Disturbed1 Team's picture
on August 18, 2010

"Asylum" official music video

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Disturbed Fan 102's picture

Love the song and video, my 3rd favorite song.
Disturbed, u guys rock!!!!

brian blom's picture

its just cool heavy ever
your stile is great like all your cd,s :)

falloutpro's picture

awesome the video fits good with the song but wats up with the guy in straight jacket hes fucking awesome with those skills brosephs

fromday1's picture

This video reminds me of a recurring dream that I have. In it, I ket killed, wake up, get killed again and on and on. By the time I actually wake up, I am in a cold sweat and have to question if what I see is real or just a dream. Thank you guys for creating such meaningful art.

LeSpazz's picture


Night_Sky's picture

this video just KILLS it!!!

Lordaizen5's picture

Holy fucking shit guys. INTENSE. make more like this

gibgib's picture

it was very good

Chancey's picture

this video is awesome

tejay's picture

just when i think yall are done and are getting away from what i love yall come right back with something like this

wheeler's picture

AWESOME VIDEO!! Just 40 more days until your next concert here in Syracuse! Can't Wait!

SoleShifter's picture

What an Incredible video... its uncertainty of what lies ahead is most intriguing ! And the very end result... Genius... a truly extraordinary mind craft'd end'g. Bravo guys !

Rabid's picture

Simply ,Fucking, AWESOME!!!!

'Nuff Said

Keep rocking the very core of my soul,guys!!!

Bacowski's picture

This song and video reaping head well. Awsome

hudsunhawk's picture

this is a badass video,keep the rock going guys!!!

cs1172's picture


akennedy59's picture

Got the Asylum album... and all i can say is wow... its that awesome... trying to get tickets to one of their tour dates near muncie but i don't have a ride yet... Asylum and The Animal make this album!!

kingdragon919's picture

got the new disturbed asylum this kicks ass love it wount more of it the metel gods are smiling

plutoterian2012's picture

insanely amazing

gijoe68688's picture


Jamestic2's picture


timpanel's picture

Very good video. Rock on

JenniFear's picture

great video, loved it...
Dave sexy as always xD

evanman's picture

The video is fucking spectacular. Rock on Disturbed

DisturbedTJH679's picture

Awesome video guys Rock on!

rowemidge's picture

Love your sound and can't wait for the new album. Looking forward for an Oz tour...come on guys!!!!

chimairaRO's picture

Oh my God, this video is one of the greatest videos of metal. August 31st will be a day to remember. The countdown has begun. Rock on!

kasparesky's picture

Just pure awesomness !!!

rayhanson's picture

fucking genuis, loved it all. its just, disturbed

kaplah55's picture

Disturbingly awesome


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