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"The Animal" Official Music Video

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on November 17, 2010
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disturbed kicks ass and kicked it even harder on this video

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love the video

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disturbed never disappoints when it comes to kick ass music and twisted videos
they keep getting better and better as the years pass

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i can not say nothing one video 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 images and my favurite song i have many friends who like the band disturbed in greece and if disturbed came in greece they wil rock they are the best band disturbed for ever or should i say you disturbed are the best

Assassing_1's picture

Just returned home from the show in Saint John, N.B. It fucking rocked!! Disturbed are by far the best band I've seen live!! If you have the opportunity to see them, don't miss it!

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Disturbed music...with a creepy Asian chick having a Satanic looking banquet... this is like creativity p0rn!
<3 love it.

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For the animals soul is mine
I've no control this time , and nw we both shall dine in HELL TONIGHT

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Oh Hells yeah!!!.... I love this song. I totally get into underworld and such.... i picked up the story the first time i heard this fuckin kiss ass song!
And I also totally agree with the girl above me a few that David looks hot as hell. WOW. yum.


It is more then great............................I LOVE IT. DISTURBED IS THE BEST. PLEASE COME TO SERBIA. VIDIMO SE USKORO

AMiN.Sand_MaN's picture

DIsturbed Is N1 ! Go on Disturbed ! :X

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Best Rock Band since Pantera!! Awsome!!

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Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!

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Love this video! Just goes to prove David could be covered in anything and still be sexy as hell! ;)

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Wow what a video i love this group

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I love the video, with the asian women and kanji all over david faces and arms. really original. WOWWW

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This is super cool, the film work is really good. Especially compared to the original music video for perfect insanity =)

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Ive had evil laughs before but ive scared myself with this

Jpratts20060's picture

Amazing...................... Simply amazing! XD

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I totally love this!
And people say it's creepy and weird......screw XD.......XP........X]

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Excellence as always.

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SICK! this album rocks and so does this clip!!!!! love you long time Disturbed!

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sick & twisted...perfect! what a great vid! i luv the ending... :)

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Entirely agree, each album is getting better!

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fucking amazing. disturbed just keeps getting better and better. The band That got me listening to heavy music has a special place in my black heart. Love it.
We are all DISTURBED!!!!!!!!

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Very twisted. Defiantly disturbed. It just gets heavier and heavier for disturbed.