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Taste of Chaos Tour Message

Taste of Chaos Tour Message

Dan checks in to tell you all about the Taste of Chaos tour

Dan checks in to tell you all about the Taste of Chaos tour...

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on November 29, 2010

Dan checks in to tell you all about the Taste of Chaos tour

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hey david keep it up you guys are rocken the countrys over and love the album just watch out for those girls that want to get up with you guys roll em over you guys are great and love the lyrics see you later and talk to you .
Timothy Byrd

disturbed anthony's picture

when are you coming to Fort Worth STEP a side im feeling Disturbed I want to see yall LIKE YESTERDAY.....I fucki,../ love this Band they rock !!!!!

DisturbedPumpkin's picture

dam,dan ur ma favourite member;p

bettayetta's picture

Oh, Hi DAN, You Hot Toddy, you!

bettayetta's picture

NOW I KNOW WHY I NEVER SAW OR HEARD DAVID PROMOTE the ASYLUM Interactive Game.. It Looks Interesting, but it should start out easy, until you get the hang of it..I've STILL got my 1st CODE numbers to get into DOD. But I don't know what it's talking about to escape from the first room. It should be something easy to start off, like "RELEASE ME!!"

tom lerman's picture


when are you coming to isreal
i fucking want to see you live plz come


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