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Indestructible Trailer

Indestructible Trailer

Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album, featuring a clip of the first single "Inside The Fire"! Indestructible - coming June 3rd!

Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album,...

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on April 10, 2008
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Check out a trailer for Disturbed's new album, featuring a clip of the first single "Inside The Fire"! Indestructible - coming June 3rd!

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Madeline, we do have a flood sensor that can be used with your system. If you can send me your contact information I’ll have someone give you a call with the specifics on it!

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You guys r fucking awesome. But i have a question about the hooded guy we see on just about every one of your CDs. is this guy a real cartoon? who is he? or did you guys make him up?

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i love disturbed they rock!!!!

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is no i fank the is Rock.....

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Sons of plunder was the first disturbed song i heard 6 years ago... this band is just so awesome :DD

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what must i do to be able to see this video ???

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that sucks that the video got removed for copyright.

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disturbed is the shit

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Im Indestructable

yeah man rock on disturbed

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when will they come to IN? although my parents would never let me go anyway.

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I want this CD sooooooo bad! I just can't wait to get it! Not only that, but as soon as they have another concert near where I live, I'm so gonna have to go. Their music is just so.....empowering. I feel like I can do anything when I listen to it. Disturbed 4ever! Keep on rockin; ya ain't failed me yet!

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Indestructible is great album. I have now all Disturbed's albums

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You make me feel strong when i listen your song, Your song is so great that i'm going to buy your album yet ! But why you don't come in france ? :(


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Loved them when i was born and still love them today. THEY ROCK!!!

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best band in history

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Indestructible is such a great album. The guys put their heart and soul into this album and it shows. IT KICKS ASS!


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El Dios Del Inframundo
ustedes no tienen idea de lo que es el rock lo unico que deseo es que vengan a chile como su primer concierto en este pais y felicitaciones por su nuevo album es muy bueno me encanto yo tengo sus 3 discos y pronto tendre el ultimo

you have burn in the fire

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ive got the sickness for this albumn it rocks cant wait to see it live !!!!!1

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OMG this New Album Rocks, I cant wait to see it LIVE in CT WOOOOT!
Get Down with The Sickness!

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pefect insanity is 1 of our fav's,but we're already memorizing everything,we love it all,u bro deliver with such power and strength,the whole band is a perfect construction of metal mayhem,love what u all did for the fans with the cd/dvd set

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this is the best disturbed cd yet. Even better than the sickness.

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I tried to buy the limited edition but i couldn't 'cause it doesn't ships to mexico, you guys have a lot of fans here give us a chance to purchase that kind of stuff from here

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fuck that limited edtion just rock your socks only te look of it is great and don't forget the best of it the cd Yeaaaah i can't wait till the postman come i want it know and yes there lirycs are strong i hope we get some more riffs thise time
(srry for my bad englis)

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You guys rock!!!! Totally my all time favorite band!!! Can't wait to buy the new album tommorrow :) i've been waiting for this since april!!! You guys keep getting more amazing each album, first was the sickness which rocked! and then came believe which was even more amazing, and then came ten thousand fists which was a newer re-invented more awesome sound and now from what i've heard of what's on the new album it is going to be even better, soooo physced... keep on rocking!

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omg the song at 51 sounds amazing.. are you gonna remain a slave for the rest of your life!, its amazing because their songs are so good and still have alot of meaning...I cant wait for the CD!!!

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yeah, The Night is an amazing song from hearing it at the Hot Topic listening party. I loved it, but Criminal i think is even better!

TDO & TPO certified

"Run away from the soulless heartless fiends who hound you!"

<3 tlryfa <3

I'm verbally literate! (Are you?)

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u guys kick ass can't wait till the new album


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