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"Stricken" on the Radio

"Stricken" on the Radio

"Stricken" comes on the radio during Dan's commute to the studio

"Stricken" comes on the radio during Dan's...

Disturbed1 Team's picture
on June 01, 2010

"Stricken" comes on the radio during Dan's commute to the studio

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TheNightmare's picture

Enjoy it
Enjoy it

kornday76's picture

holy shit that's 143rd and bell in homer glen!!!!

John Box's picture

I agree the best giutar player he is the first and the second guitar player is 1000000 funs away to reach him Dan you rock and roll !!!!!!!

disturbed is the best2's picture

like my name says disturbed is the best

disturbedchick5787's picture

lol! I could only imagine how weird that would be.

techman's picture

The best guitar player on the planet.

BlaDeath's picture

It's funny hehehe...

NightWolf_3000's picture

i love you dan

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