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"The Animal" on the Taste of Chaos Tour

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on December 01, 2010
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New to this blog. David, you have moved me and everyone I have let hear sound of silence. You have one of the best voices in music today. Explore the classics and bring your voice and rhythms to them. Thanks to you and the band for being amazing and sharing with the fans.

john hogan's picture

I love this band so much. I was wondering are y'all going to play in Oregon

BrunotheBarber's picture

Awesome a Jam Tribute on Piano - "Rise" jamming your tune

Ceddy's picture

wow... :D

moosemaniac's picture

brings out the animal in all of us

btreece1's picture

I love Disturbed! their the most kickass band out there today. and I love their new album "the lost children" another kickass piece of music from the greatest band on earth!!! Rock and Roll motherf%ckers!

Disturbed1584's picture

Disturbed is the best!

Gina Min's picture

Fricken AWSOME

disturbed-luna's picture

if i had been there....i wouldve fainted from the sheer awesomeness of it all!!!!!!!!!!!

vilesangel's picture

Vile: LOL 0:46

theHayler's picture

Oh shit...GREAT :D

tmixjr68's picture

Motovating..... so the long DARK watches of the night, are even DARKER :)

Lady Piheavy's picture

I like it so much ;)

gothaik's picture

good one

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