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Montreal, QBC


Montreal, QBC
Montreal, QBC
Parc Jean-Drapeau
Sat, 2011-07-23
July 23, 2011


hitman977977's picture

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JasmineHolloway's picture

Oh, I was there! it was one of the most incredible fests and spectacles I have ever seen. Adore Disturbed and everything connected. These guys just ROCK!

jasmine729's picture

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DisturbedPlayer13's picture

Disturbed Was F****G Awesome With Pyro, LED screen And The F****G Awesome Harcore Tunes !! DISTURBED RULES HEAVY MTL !! Hope THey Come Back Another Time !!

maxime's picture

i just can't wait! this is the event of the season =D

Disturbed_dames3193's picture

you lucky bastard

picvb's picture

Yesss, i'm going to see them twice this years
.منتديات صور

Disturbed_dames3193's picture

OWEN SOUND!!!!! at the bayshore Communty Center PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!

IIDevilsSpawnII's picture

Yea!!! go to toronto or ottawa please missed both of them when they where there.

Samuel.721's picture

yes sur vive disturbed

Marc098's picture

Second time this years!

This years is the best years of my fucking life !

chevysforever's picture

2nd time this year cant even comprehend it :)-

Jessy-chan's picture

Yesss, i'm going to see them twice this years

geist43's picture


Satanis's picture

Shit! My parents does'nt even autorise me to go! For show of my life, my friends go, i can't!

Jimmo44's picture

Fuck yeah! Disturbed concert then clubbing. Going to be the best night ever.

katana641's picture

Yes disturbed on MTL finally i can go see that:P Disturbed rule!!!

Skylar's picture

yea come back to ottawa!

maaaggee's picture

just wondering when there coming to ottawa again they skipped by it last year

kayvaan shrike's picture

FINALLY!! CANT WAIT FUCK!! but is it only going to be a floor?

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