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brute beasts, while in others the illumination of divine reason is such 0 n/a
sovereign prince, who is the image of God, cannot make a subject equal with 0 n/a
But it is difficult to get from youth up a right training for virtue 0 n/a
Elephant #7 0 n/a
within the part which grasps a rational principle. And let it be assumed 0 n/a
object of wish to the good man, while any chance thing may be so the 0 n/a
barriers against the ambition and avarice of princes, how can one expect 0 n/a
names. I need not explain how this comes to be so, for it is all in 0 n/a
monarchy, does not really compromise these statements. The salic law is a 0 n/a
concerned with bodily appetites and pleasures; but we must grasp the 0 n/a
belief in a universal order of absolute values, in which the state still had 0 n/a
contemplation. 0 n/a
making them his slaves, and invades the property of others by treating it 0 n/a
both good, just as health and the doctor are not in the same way the 0 n/a
hypocrisy or deceit, without any use of force, or any infliction of 0 n/a
of this kind. Yet at sea also, and in disease, the brave man is fearless, 0 n/a
There is another disadvantage, and that is the danger that the public 0 n/a
as brutishness is too; for a man who has them to master or be mastered 0 n/a
Nevertheless He moved them to love Him by blessing them with manifold 0 n/a
bodily pleasures, i.e. those with which the self-indulgent man is 0 n/a
of conclusions universally valid, and complained that he was very ignorant 0 n/a
of the systems they fool with or the amount of systems staff time they waste. 0 n/a
justice. Otherwise, were an aristocracy to exclude the common people 0 n/a
avarice issues in confiscations, desire in adultery, and anger in murder. 0 n/a
two other persons. Injustice on the other hand is similarly related 0 n/a