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Questions About the Band

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the good can be increased. 0 n/a
injuries to the system, and (b) others by reason of acquired habits, 0 n/a
goods are somehow equal. All goods must therefore be measured by some 0 n/a
suppose a case in which he is ill voluntarily, through living incontinently 0 n/a
a state of character is determined by its activities and by its objects. 0 n/a
to the lover of sights, but also in the same way just acts are pleasant 0 n/a
up against the contrary pain. (Indeed pleasure is thought not to be 0 n/a
wish their creditors did not exist, while creditors actually take 0 n/a
our body also must be healthy and must have food and other attention. 0 n/a
i.e. it is because of their unlikeness to the friendship of virtue. 0 n/a
because we do not wish to call living men happy, on account of the 0 n/a
people who are strong-headed are the opinionated, the ignorant, and 0 n/a
how we ought to do them; for these determine also the nature of the 0 n/a
and others are morbid states (C) resulting from custom, e.g. the habit 0 n/a
within which they recognized priority and posteriority (which is the 0 n/a
all costs. But enough of this; for the subject has been sufficiently 0 n/a
of young people seems to aim at pleasure; for they live under the 0 n/a
against their judgement than those who know, we answer that there 0 n/a
to shoemaker. For if this be not so, there will be no exchange and 0 n/a
magistrate on the other hand is the guardian of justice, and, if of 0 n/a
you. So, too, to the unjust and to the self-indulgent man it was open 0 n/a
while those which men do not from ignorance but (though they do them 0 n/a
they 'look at things on their bad side', but it is quite like human 0 n/a
what is good and expedient for himself, not in some particular respect, 0 n/a
been subtracted from and added to the same thing at the same time; 0 n/a