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Questions About the Band

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message you would like to resume. 0 n/a
- New localizations: Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Latvian, Slovak. 0 n/a
national charsets in some zip archives. 0 n/a
- Storing columns width inside archives in File Manager 0 n/a
7z a -mf=bcj2 a.7z a.tar 0 n/a
- New key alias for folder bookmarks: [Shift]+Alt+Number. 0 n/a
- New localization: Chinese Simplified. 0 n/a
- New switch for command line version: 0 n/a
Chapters headings are of the form: masechet tttt pereq # 0 n/a
spelling, then go back to the main page, change the spelling style, and 0 n/a
<Enter> -Finds the next occurrence, relative to the location of the 0 n/a
able to run MTR from any directory. 0 n/a
9.3 THE MAQQAF 0 n/a
11.1 BOOLEAN a "OR" b SEARCH 0 n/a
a book (when searching forward, that is). The scope of the other 0 n/a
type: " <space> " m d A - d A w t 0 n/a
2 mtr basics 0 n/a
but not to be confused with, the "nikkud" (vowel pointing) used in 0 n/a
into fourteen divisions, a << marking the start of each one. On the 0 n/a
criterion that you did not enter, but which MTR has reused from a 0 n/a
this, if you do not already know it. We recommend that you print out a 0 n/a
other editions (the comments on Mishneh Torah above apply). In every 0 n/a
from the following examples, MTR does not have, nor does it need, any 0 n/a