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Irene Leitao
About Me: 
I am a legal secretary by day. My boyfriend and I moved in with my mother and my younger brother who has Down syndrome after my father died and my mother ended up in the hospital with emergency open heart surgery. My boyfriend is a karaoke DJ and my younger brother is a 2nd degree black belt who loves EVERYTHING WWE. We also have two cats.
Love hockey, music, photography, singing, cats of all kinds. I am a backup singer for a Phil Collins tribute band (the only one in the United States) and a co-lead singer for a cover band. During hockey season, I can usually be found at least 3 nights a week at a game with my brother and cousin.
Favorite Bands: 
Disturbed (natch) Heart Evanescence Flyleaf
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Disturbed at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT...4 awesome bands in a very intimate setting. Couldn't ask for better!
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