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Save Our Last Goodbye


Save Our Last Goodbye
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on June 25, 2015
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lillrokk's picture

Love this song....i listened n came to tears , it's truly fitting after losing my 20yr old niece , thank you , it captures what I feel so well !........I loved the whole album !

metal_maniac's picture

Love this song. I was on the verge of tears when I heard it as I have been searching for a song for my big brother Ben who suddenly passed away 2 and half years ago. He introduced me to Disturbed which he loved so much he even had some of the album covers tattooed on himself. I reckon he would absolutely love this new album as much as I do.

distgirl's picture

metal_maniac I lost my little brother 2,5 years ago. My brother also introduced me to Disturbed, he loved this band so much. I know he'd love this new album. I wish they could be here with us listening it.

Herbalkriminal's picture

every song on this album is badass!!

Fearsomewolf's picture

This song is pretty badass.

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