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Disturbed Invite Soldier Backstage


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on May 28, 2008

Disturbed has added a new video to their YouTube Channel inviting a US Soldier backstage at their latest show in Cincinnati. Check it out here.


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As an Airborne Infantryman in the greatest Army on earth, I thank your for your support of the military. You can bet your music is rockin' in some of the craziest places while we roll into harms way, a sort of "WARCRY" if you know what I mean. To get psyched up to do the impossible. People respect and appreciate your support of the soldier, fuck the politics. We do what we have to do. Thanks again. I might not have made it without your music to keep me energized and motivated. It just keeps getting better and better...

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...and thats why their Fans adore them and can relate to their music so much!

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It is amazing how much they care about our troops.

I am starting to believe that they care more about the troops than Bush does. This is but one of the things that makes this band so amazing. Rock On For The Rest Of Eternity!

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I'm going to have to agree whole heartedly with the comment below...fucking amazing!!!

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Nice one guys
just more evidence that you are the single coolest group going
wish we did shit like that over here in the UK

Class act fellas