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    Check out the THREE Indestructible COVERS by DAVID FINCH!



    Limited Edition CD/DVD

    Posted 2008-05-30 14:59
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on May 30, 2008

Check out the THREE Indestructible COVERS by DAVID FINCH!



Limited Edition CD/DVD


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well i really think that disturbed is has really reached to the highest expectation in my book.also the cd covers are very colorful an atrroious the cd cover matches the music some cd covers never has any thing to do into matching up to the music

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i got every disturbed cd out there. the regulars and the limited edition ones. disturbed rules.

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i got the cd/dvd version dvd is great and the cd is just simply incredible TWEAK

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I got the limited edition one with the laminate and didn't get a code either. I thought I might have been the only one but after reading these comments I guess I'm not alone. Killer CD though. Can't wait for the mayhem tour.

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I have all 3 versions of Indestructible.

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I also got all 3 versions and they are all badass. Also I really like Parasite and Run, can't wait for the inevitable deluxe edition 6 months from now with all the bonus tracks including Midlife Crisis and a new dvd included.

Disturbed should release a new dvd that has a doc and a full concert plus behind the scenes and stuff and all their videos.

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1st i have the cd/dvd version and it kicks ass. i also have their other 3 albums as well, and frankly from sickness to indestructible, they all f***ing rock and you can hear and see the progression were they just KEEP getting BETTER. And 2nd the youtube inside the fire video, i think thats real cool what Dave does in the begaining, cause thats a real tough subject to deal with and that was probly very difficult for him do; i mean the memories it had to bring back. Disturbed, you all kick F***ing ass, you guys are really setting some high standards now.

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i love the new album, i got the cd dvd one. i wish the box were different though. i cant stand this cardboard s**t. i think it should have been made lik the led zeppelin mother ship box (the two disk not the dvd one)

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I dont know what's up but they said that if you had your limited edition that was just available oniline ordered before a certain date that it would be at your house today and mine isn't. what is up with that? I ordered it like a month ago too.

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I just got my preOrder and no promo code? What's up with that?

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I didn't recieve a code either. It says to enter it but I can't find it anywhere.

PS the CD rocks!

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I dont know what happened but i pre-ordered my CD and i got it today, June 2nd. Guess I get to hear it before most other people :P

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I guess it depends on what state u live in, cus i havent gotten mine yet and its already 5:30pm on june 2nd. I live in texas by the way too so maybe that has something to do with it
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Im in New York and i pre-ordered it at bestbuy

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I really like this band

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These are so badass!

The Guy looks very evil on LE (one im getting)
looks pretty sweet



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I can't wait. Mine should come in the mail tomorrow! This is going to be so fucking bad ass.

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Great cover art. I'm not a fan of the first one, but love the other two. I think they capture the mood of the album very well.

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Great covers!the guy who did the artwork is absolutely brilliant.can't wait until i can see them upclose and two short days we will all become,INDESTRUCTIBLE!

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These are amazing! This guy should make an account on Devaint art! If you buy the limited edition, do you get all of them? Isnt that what the posters are?
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That kicks ass . . . I really like the first and the third one. Already ordered the Limited Edition the first day they had it up, I can't wait till it gets here! Only 2 and a half more days!!!

I wonder why on the limited edition they reversed the clock and changed The Guy's hands . . . I kinda liked the original one posted by philiptarrant better . . .

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yeah, me too. though i like the hands outstretched and kinda clenching inward, but the lighting on the guy is better in the first IMO

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Yeah, and the second one is more blurry . . . The Guy doesn't look as ripped and damaged as in the original. Also, the eyes and face just look better and more evil in the original. Either way, its still a badass cover, I think. I'm surprised at how they changed it so quickly, only 3 days before the release . . .

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umm, 2 man. it's on tuesday and today is sunday. and yeah, i had noticed those things too, but couldn't quite pinpoint it. i like the hands better in the second though. i wish they could combine the two

TDO & TPO certified

"When your heart is broken
A thousand times
With every moment, is that enough?"

<3 tlryfa <3

I'm verbally literate! (Are you?)

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Nice covers. I like the 3rd :p (already heard Album is Just owsome the besta album that I ever heard so far)

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Can't wait to buy it! It's a shame though that i can't buy Limited Edition cause Warner is not shipping to Greece!

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all three are great, but def love the 3rd....thats what im getting!!! i cant wait for it to come. the concerts not til august but i cant stop thinking about it. u guys r my favorite band ever!!!!!! i hope u guys r going to the VIP parties, im already RSVP'd. thats the only reason i signed up to go, to get the chance to at least meet u for a minute....i think i'd cry. hehehe

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Come to Finland please!!!!!! <3

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Another one! just as sick as the first!