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Great Disturbed Press!


  • Great Disturbed Press!

    Currently on the covers of Revolver, Metal Hammer, Guitar World & Drum! on newsstands now.

    Posted 2008-06-02 19:11
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on June 02, 2008

Currently on the covers of Revolver, Metal Hammer, Guitar World & Drum! on newsstands now.


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I need to get that issue of Metal Hammer and see the disturbed news in it.

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I still visit Blabbermouth, to defend David's honor, they really trash him on there.

RiD-insanity's picture

I miss the days when basically all the coverage they got was on some awesome metal news webpages like blabbermouth. Haha, the band was trolled to the ground.

Blabbermouth is now filled with mallcore kids, hardcore faggots, and emo bitches. I miss the old days.

DisturbedPyro's picture

poor cover story for him :(

we still love ya J-Mo

DMZMetal's picture

Finally Danny gets a cover story. I was sick of Tremonti getting all the covers. I love Mark and Alter Bridge, but it is about time Danny got a cover !!!!!

philiptarrant's picture

yeah, the mag is sick! i love the interview with Dan, and it's cool that mikey gotta cover too!

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