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    The CD/DVD of Disturbed's new album is almost completely SOLD OUT everywhere - only a few remain in stores, so make sure to get your copy now!

    Posted 2008-06-06 17:47
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on June 06, 2008

The CD/DVD of Disturbed's new album is almost completely SOLD OUT everywhere - only a few remain in stores, so make sure to get your copy now!


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so I got my dvd pack expecting to get a code etc. and I have only just found out about the direct site stuff.

well I thing it should have been made a lot clearer as a lot of people would have based paying more on that info.
had I known this before perhaps I wouldnt have gone for the more expensive option.

Now I don't know wether or not to sell it but I wouldn't want to fool people into thnking they can get vip pass the way I had been.

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I also expected to receive the code with special access to the Inside The Fire fansite. However, this turned out to be a big disappointment. Numerous people are experiencing the same problem. Perhaps it would be a nice gesture to grant people who ask for it access after all...

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man these guys totally kick heavy metal in the balls. i love there music and for ever will till i die. i got my cd unrated at walmart about 4 days ago.

Disturbed for Life's picture

Amazing. For me, they're just the best. No questions about. Keep the brilliant work.

sons_of_plunder's picture

DISTURBED is like a fine bottle of wine, (just keeps getting better with age). GREAT ALBUM!!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys live, when ya finally make it to Australia.

Down with the Sickness!!!!!

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ok i bought the cd/dvd online like 2 days before it came out and i haven't got it yet. WTF can anybody help me out to rack it down?

brandialex28's picture

Those of you who can't find the CD, or are having a hard time, try Amazon, that's where I purchased mine, and had it in 3 days! (Well to Pittsburgh, PA that is).

I'm so very impressed with every CD Disturbed releases..and this one makes me forget about the prison cell work environment. LOL..Makes my day go a hella lot faster..and I can daydream right along with it. haha

DD..I could listen to your voice 24-7 which I can't say I've ever commented on with any guy. ! : ) xo

ShawnSig's picture

This new album is just so freakin awesome, I'm glad that I went to go buy their new CD! I listen to their songs all the time!

Dino's picture

Indestructible is SOOOO GOOD that I can't stop listening it.
It's incredible how good it is. You deserve to be #1.

MTGAP's picture

This is the best Disturbed album yet! Actually, it's the best ALBUM yet, period! It is outrageously awesome. My only complaint is that the guitar solos are too short.

Nadine's picture

and I own 1!!!!!!

inside_the_fire_with_me's picture

Indestructible rocks...that's all that i have listened to since i bought my copy last week...i've even had my friends bribe me so they can borrow it as they dont have their copy yet.

I hope Disturbed bring out another album soon...i cant wait for


dukate1's picture

The new album rocks and is #1 as it deserves to be. The only problem I have with it is you cannot read the lyrics inside the sleeve. It kinda sux since it is nice to learn the new songs and rock with them that much more. Oh well, keep kickin ass Disturbed!

Lucidity337's picture

Congrats again guys on a 3rd straight #1 album. Well deserved. You guys rock!!! Keep making music and I'll keep buying them.

mangochutney's picture

I bought the album yesterday and been listening to it all the time!
This album kicks ass, period.

I can't wait to see you guys again in concert!

Brocky's picture

Brocky, DISTURBED ALL THE WAY!!! Disturbed, what can we say, but bloody fantastic. I have finally got the new album, you boys do us proud. It goes off.I hope to see Australia on the tour list??????

southerngal2870's picture

Pre-ordered my CD/DVD online and I just got it today. Totally FUCKING AWESOME songs--as usual. Can't expect anything less than that from Disturbed.

sexifaerie20's picture

and the dvd is kick ass. its awesome watching you create what we hear from you. u guys are great!! and did an amazing job. Divide and Perfect Insanity are rocking, they totally fit into this album!

sexifaerie20's picture

I finally got it was it worth the wait tho! this is the best album yet! GREAT JOBS GUYS!!! this is gonna be awesome in concert, i cant fucking wait!! YAY! you guys never disappoint. I LOVE you guys. :) <3

Steelerfan's picture

Got mine today in the mail and it Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

godzillo's picture

I pre-ordered this album online and still haven't received it!?!? anyone else having the same problem. And I don't live in BFE like someone might think, queens, I'm not understanding this one bit. WB told me this was shipping on the 28th and again nothing today....

The Stupified's picture

i love it omg best shit ever :D awsome guys i love it oviously.

JordieC's picture

I am happy to say that I own the special CD/DVD, and got it shipped to holland !
The album is just like all of the other albums; Friggin good!!!
This is exactly the sound I need at work, to get creative!

crfd21's picture

have a question:

Ordered the limited edition for 29.99 and received it, but the laminate does not have the access code, and the promotional code will not let me in to the "inside the fire" site. Does anyone know who I can contact?



timinator2's picture

The best album i've heard in a while, it got here right on the day it was supposed to. I'm sorry to hear that most of u guys in the UK, Australia, etc. can't order it. That rellay sucks, cus the bonus content is amazing. I'm just glad i got my Limited Edition version while i still could.

drakedragoon's picture

jut bought mine from HMV in the uk and mine works fine, the actual card itself is located on the first page that opens up and the code is located on the back above the text at the bottom that says log onto etc., also if u cant log in, go to ur email and hope that u saved it, and click on the link that says this is a one time log on, this takes u straight to the change password screen, after that it works, good luck and hope this helps.

Paranoia's picture

Yeah Im guessing you mean you got the special edition, that comes with a web access card. Us EU based listeners that have had trouble pre-ordered the Limited edition which was more pricy and has a VIP card which doesnt have the code on it.
With that one your supposed to get the code emailed to you after your purchase but it wasnt made clear that you only get the code when ordering direct from this site, which most out side the US cant as they dont ship out.
Myself and atleast one other ordered from because we couldnt get it from this site and in the description it clearly says that each card has its own index code that grants access to the extra stuff but it doesnt.

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I can't get the new CD/DVD version of the album. I wish I could, but it says on it PARENTAL ADVISARY EXPLICIT CONTENT and I'm only 14 years old! At least I have the original CD version of INDESTRUCTIBLE. That album is kick ass!

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how could you get the sickness or believe then???

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It's all been a lie"

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