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    EP Available exclusively at all digital retailers!

    Posted 2008-10-02 17:49
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on October 02, 2008

EP Available exclusively at all digital retailers!


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Great EP!

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I can't wait to buy the album .I am from india can i buy it?

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they drive me crazy.I don't know when they will return :(

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looks like its ganna be another fucking awsome one!!

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You guys are the greatest band of all, however, ther is still no DVD of a Disturbed concert, other bands have made DVDs of live concerts, how 'bout you step up and show 'em how it's done, the right way, the Disturbed way!

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PLEASE PLEASE guys do a tour in the UK!!


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I would the live songs and the video. I just wish they would release a whole live album. That would be killer. David is freakin amazing live.

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Disturbed live is indiscribable amazing,absolutly impressive and incredibly arresting!

Thanks for an undiscribable performance in Vienna!
Please come again soon, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would the Sohbet Odaları live songs Sohbet and the video. Sohbet I just wish they would release a Sohbet whole live album. That would be killer. David is freakin amazing live.

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Disturbed you have to do a South America tour
and you come to Argentina please.
Your Fan number 1 in Argentina.

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Ever gonna be any chance you will tour the UK guys, come on!!!

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I will ever hope that u will have a concert in Romania!!! u guys are th best and i would die if I see u in front of my eyes..thats for sure!!!

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Sorry to those who've been shit out of luck....Disturbed are great live!! But just i-tunes, well it's not done. This stuff should be obtaineble to all the fans not just the ones with i-stuff!! Hope the future will be bright to all the fans, being able to watch shows (mabye a bit more dvd's) and obtain whatever is on the market. That is my prayer!!!

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does anyone know when there comming back to new york??

Whoo's picture

$800 for 2 tickets? O_O Anyway, I wish Disturbed would come to Erie, PA. We barely ever get any concerts. :(

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I recently tried to get tickets to the Winnipeg show, But I missed my advance e-mail by A day. So of course I,m shit out of luck it's sold out!
Then I saw they were in Grand Forks,ND 2 days later but when I tried to go on ticketmaster or should I say ticketscalpers website I found out they were not selling the tickets for this show. Another ticket seller "Ticketsnow" ( A Ticketmaster company ) was handling the sale.
So as I eagerly tried to purchase 2 tickets ( I have been waiting almost 5 years to see these guys ) Expecting to pay the $33.00 or $34.00 per ticket like all the other shows, I get to the last page only to see the total price
with service fees and whatever was an astounding $804.00 fucking dollars!!!!
I almost shit my load. I can't believe this kind of crap is allowed to happen. It's like legal highway robbery.
I try to get a hold of someone at "Ticketscalpersnow" of course there is no contact # so I call ticketmaster to ream their asses out, and I get the usual ( sorry sir we have no control over what price ticketsnow sells tickets for ) So suffice it to say I won't be at the show this time around.
I just don't have 800 bucks kicking around to see A concert.
So to ticketmaster Fuck you. You can shove your little ticket monopoly up your asses.
Ok i'm done bitching.
On A more positive note. This is one incredible disc!! Disturbed is easily the best hard rock band out there. Sorry I won't be able to see the show this time around. Keep up the good work....

PS: Anybody with tickets to the Winnipeg or Grand Forks show at A semi reasonable price, let me know Thanks.

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Shawn Sig
I live in Manitoba and I tried to order the tickets for the Dec.6th show the day the tickets went on sale to the public. But they were sold out. I think that the Burton Cummings Theatre is a shitty place to have a show for such a popular band. Yeah, Ticketmaster sucks dick.

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General admission tix are still available for the Grand Forks show through ticketmaster. It appears the reserved elevated seating is sold out, but if you don't mind being on the floor, you should be able to get a ticket.

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Just wanted to say that the new album is the best one so far but it lacks the disturbed signature monkey noises lol!! As for the people talking about 'true fans' your all talking a load of bollocks!! You dont need to have everything disturbed has put out to be a true fan, you just have to love and apperciate the time and effort the guys have put into giving us something that truely feels real and that we can connect to within our own lives. SO SUCK ON THAT LMFAO!!

I'll be back!

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I don't see why it's a problem who's a "true fan" or not.
If you're joining the site, isn't that enough?
You like the band, so you're a fan.
Why's that a problem?

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AREET THERE!! Went to the Disturbed gig at Brixton Academy, London last night. Have to say, GREAT GIG! My throat is killing me! On the subject of what marks a 'true' fan... you are a fan if you like the band. You don't have to spend shit-loads buying anything and everything just to be a fan. I don't own a single stitch of clothing with the Disturbed brand on it. I have never bought any Disturbed merchandise other than the ticket to the gig yesterday. All the songs I have, I downloaded. You think this makes me less of a fan than you? Bite me! Now, I understand that to continue as a band, Disturbed need to sell records. As a fan of Disturbed I feel that I should contribute to their continuation. Therefore I WILL be going out to buy some records, as I do with any music that I have downloaded and discovered I like them more than just humming their songs. That doesn't make me more of a fan than the guy who downloads all of his stuff from the internet.
So, that's my 2 pence worth. Don't like it? I don't give a shit! It's my opinion and I'll say what I want!

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they r truely the best i have ever seen live and ive been to quite a few concerts over the years... disturbed is by far the best live.

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I must agree with the Disturbed_Rocker guy in this forum as far as the M.O.L. DVD...I absolutely love it as get to see some of the characteristics of the guys when they aren't performing..and it is funny!
I hope they do a sequel to it sometime favorite has to be the Pedialyte bits.. haha xoxo


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Any true fan will buy it regardless of how many songs are on it. Damn, why don't y'all quit bitching..are you true fans?


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i disagree. if you mark "true fan" as "buying everything Disturbed puts out" there are prolly very very few "true" (as you call them) Disturbed fans out there. albums and such are one thing, thats nothing. but what about soundtracks, and singles? and im talking the extremely rare ones. like the ones with God of the Mind and A Welcome Burden on them. or how about the demo tapes from The Sickenss days. or try this one on for size...a song from Dan's old band Vandal called Misery Loves Company. not to mention, think of every piece of merch theyve ever had

now if you just meant officially released 'albums' then ok. but this ep isnt an album. so if you mean anything officially released, all those singles are officially released so i dont think you can quantify a "true" fan having to buy everything the band puts out. just for the simple fact that such a task is very very difficult, not to mention costly. just my two cents...

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Are you fucking serious? Buy a thrown-together iTunes EP of live songs that we already heard live on hardrocklive anyway? Some people will buy it just cuz it's Disturbed, I might, idk yet, but just because you spend money on anything that's Disturbed doesn't mean you're a bigger fan than someone else. Please, i mean what about people who spend what little cash they have on Disturbed, but don't always have money to spend? Some have to save their money to buy the disturbed stuff that they really want cuz they can't afford everything. Just because someone has more disposable cash and can get every little thing doesn't mean shit! sorry to get angry, but i think this type of thinking is a disservice to TRUE fans of Disturbed who don't have tons of money. i'm more fortunate than alot, but this system of measurement is unfair.

"I still remember when
I thought that all you were eating was my pride"

<3 tlryfa <3 <---Free Disturbed Fan Forum (Open to all)

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i guess this is all it is...

01. "Inside the Fire" (live from Deep Rock Drive)
02. "Stricken" (live from Deep Rock Drive)
03. "Stupify" (live from Deep Rock Drive)
04. "Indestructible" (music video)

i was thinking it would be a full live album. especially not of a show that was already streamed online