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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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jtolman's picture

perfect insanity with out a doubt

Backslash's picture

I love the solo in Inside The Fire, but I also love the drumintro in Perfect Insanity.
But I think I choose Perfect Insanity.

xxdevdogxx1928's picture

I'd have to go with perfect Insanity just because it's just a great song...Theres nothing more to it, picking songs because of the meaning is something i just dont really get, either you like it or you don't reguardless of the meaning

cbssi's picture

I don't know why, but I find it deliciously ironic when somebody picks a song for a meaning of it -- especially for a song like "Inside the Fire". However, I'm going to have to choose "Perfect Insanity". It's just an absolute metal monster and deserves a music video along with a slot in the "best-songs-ever-hall-of-fame". It's truly a metal classic, and I daresay "Inside the Fire" isn't.
Webmaster of The Disturbed Community.

dan_z's picture

That's a really tough one.... I'm gonna have to say inside the fire. It has an awesome meaning behind it.

Rinoa's picture

Inside The Fire. Definitely.

Brenda_199's picture

I love both songs because they are both fantastic! But I'll have to say Perfect Insanity is better.

darkprince's picture

fuck those songs the best are stupify down with the sickness inside the fire ten thousand fists perfect insanity indistructible.

Frylock's picture

only Perfect insanity

rarefied's picture

Both great but def inside the fire.

ShawnSig's picture

Shawn Sig

I like Inside The Fire more than Perfect Insanity, I've also heard the original recording of Perfect Insanity a while back, I like how it sounds on this new album. And why isn't the music video for "The Night" on this site? I've seen it on and it isn't here on this site....

mdee4's picture

Inside The Fire is better. Both are good songs though.

laurieann131313's picture

perfect insanity....but it was a hard choice

Dr. Gaeta's picture

Perfect Insanity no doubt. I like Inside the Fire too though because like David I do have suicide close to me...however Perfect Insanity describes me all too well. My girlfriend even says it...

Fan Of DISTURBED's picture

Inside The fire, Indestructible, Voices, Down With The Sickness, Sons Of Plunder

Rich and Linda's picture

I'm calling out the boys right fucking now! YOU MUST PLAY BOTH OF THESE FUCKING AMAZING SONGS LIVE! I've been fortunate enough to see both live, but BRING 'EM BOTH LIVE MUTHUFUCKERS! One week from today, I hope to enjoy both of these rockin' shits LIVE! Disturbed moves the fuck out of me!!!!!

I'm one aggressive motherf###er!

rs0313's picture

Inside the Fire-especially the maniacal laugh- is the best!! Heard them both live, and both are amazing, but ITF comes out ahead.

Irlal's picture

Hard decision, both are great, actually my favorite two songs of the record, hehe.

But I'd say Inside the Fire though, just love chorus and the solo of this song is one of the best. :)

proph3t-troyer's picture

although the meaning of inside the fire touches most people, and the laugh is epic, the chorus gets on my nerves. the sudden dark shift makes it annoying, and the solo is over done.

perfect insanity is just... insane!
everything about the song i love.

perfect insanity ftw

disturbed_messiah666's picture

it has a kickass beat, dark lyrics, and an evil-like laugh. i mean Perfect Insanity is a badass song too, but in my opinion Inside The Fire is better

21655's picture

...but I'll have to go with Perfect Insanity. It's uptempo, it has a kick-ass tap solo...really, as a song it's almost perfect.

Indestructible_Nightmare's picture

It's so powerfull.. I'll never forget how the concert back in Octobre started with PI as the first song... Amazing


I shall show you The Greatest Nightmare

Rich and Linda's picture

Perfect Insanity live at Rochester, MN was off the hook! PLEASE ADD THIS TO THE SETLIST! My nephew is going to bust his cherry on May 8th in Minneapolis and he MUST hear PI LIVE! The roof will come off of the Target Center! I love ITF, but PI is old school Disturbed that must be experienced live!

I'm one aggressive motherf###er!

a_dztrbd_1's picture

Inside the Fire. It's got a great, dark melody, and the laugh is -- forgive me, David -- smokin' HOTT!!!!

mean9099's picture

Inside the Fire is the best song on the album

Disturbedhouse's picture

I cant really choose between them the whole album is fkn amazing

~Disturbed House(the house bets 50$ on Disturbed 4 teh win)

medic2774's picture

I think Inside the fire .I can relate to this song. I have seen many and the lives that it effects!

DMZMetal's picture

I just added as a ringtone and I set my alarm clock to it and I was like that is a great song to wake up to. Perfect Insanity is a re-make of a old song, but I am so glad they re-made it,because I always liked it, just not as great as Inside the Fire.

Nwk18's picture

Inside the Fire wins this one
but the whole indestructible CD rocks!

The Mouth's picture

I'm perfect insanity,and that's the song i pick.Don't get me wrong,their both awesome.I love perfect insanity!!