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Song Battle!!


  • Song Battle!!

    What song do you like better?

    Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

    Leave a comment with your pick below

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    Posted 2009-04-28 19:24
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Disturbed1 Team's picture
on April 28, 2009

What song do you like better?

Inside the Fire or Perfect Insanity

Leave a comment with your pick below

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deine oma's picture

Perfect insanity is one of myfavorite songs... And my favorite song on Indestructible.
Inside the fire is one of your greatest songs too, but I just love that drum intro... also the songs hast real good drive...
And since you guys in hamburg in octobre 2008 entered the stage as cool as you always do and you played perfect insanity as first song, perfect insanity is just epic to me ;)

Eløchai's picture

Perfect Insanity...that is the old version. Both aren't the best songs. Overrated.
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The RoadBlock's picture

perfect insanity without a doubt !!! i like inside the fire but perfect insanity does it for me come on now
" what seems to be the matter dear? why do you cry and shake with fear ? "
best line ever !!!

PurpleDoom's picture

They're both strong songs, but I'd have to go with Inside the Fire.

jessica309471's picture

perfect insanity

brandialex28's picture

I like them both for totally separate reasons, Perfect Insanity just because it is from back in the day and truely represents them..Inside the Fire because of the meaning behind the song to David. PS: You guys kicked major ass at the Pgh. venue. I know the place sucked..but you put on a good show no matter what! xoxox


D1sturb3df0r3v3r's picture

Inside the fire is better, I like it!

LadyApathy's picture

They are both awesome, but I would have to go with Inside The Fire.

DisturbedChick1272's picture

Well, I love both songs live having seen both of them performed live. But I would have to pick Perfect Insanity. It's just a harder vibe and gets the crowd going! I love both of them though obviously.

Konsolkongen's picture

Inside the Fire!

Perfect Insanity is great too, especially the guitar in the beginning. Overall Inside the Fire is just a better song, and the best one on the album!

D13lake's picture

Its gotta be Inside the Fire ....however both songs are awesome

EvilSithgirl's picture

Inside the Fire. The lyrics are very dark and the guitar solo is pro.


mandyswain's picture

Wow, that's not easy... When I first heard them, I'd probably have said Perfect Insanity. But now, having heard them more, I think I'd have to go with Inside the Fire.

willem's picture

difficult one but I prefer perfect insanity

jakkdesoto75's picture

It's close but I choose Inside The Fire!

InSaneG's picture

My pick Perfect Insanity
reason, no reason, just picking :D Every song is just awesome ;)

dd70's picture


DisturbedPyro's picture

thats not even cool to try and make me pick...

one one side you got a really old and cool song that they redid to make a million times better than it was before, and on the other hand, you have a brand new song that is simply amazing, and is a great example of how Disturbed has evolved. i cant decide

Codys Girl's picture

OK, this is not a hard competition.....from the beginning i have always liked "inside the fire". And compared to Perfect insanity,,,it wins hands down!!! \m/(-_-)\m/


TerdFerguson's picture

Inside The Fire, no competition!

Alex Ling's picture

PERFECT INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FighterPilot3066's picture

Almost everything is better about Inside the Fire. The lyrics, guitar, just everything

DiegoT's picture

inside the fire because the music its all about meaning and everyone
can see that inside the fire is a very important song for david
soo iside the fire =D

ElectricMonkeys's picture

hmm this is a very hard decision indeed.

i really like how the guitar solo in "Perfect Insanity" is really fast but its too short, and the start of the verses are really basic when it comes to guitaring, but only until the 2nd guitar starts to play in the background. The drumming has a really good headbanging rythm going on too.

"Inside The Fire" is more "full" as a song and the lyrics have a deep meaning behind them aswell. This song has a good headbanging rythm aswell as "Perfect Insanity" but the guitar solo in this song is quite long, not too comlicated and most of all catchy and easy to remember.

I choose "Inside The Fire"

"Lets Rock It!"

Torkkeli's picture

Well, I'll have to say Perfect Insanity because it's kind of "heavier" and because of the great drum intro. Also, it was released beforehand which was awesome!

joshkid's picture

Well I like the Perfect Insanity chorus more than the Inside The Fire chorus. But put together the lyrics, Dan's solo & the rest of the song as a whole, Inside The Fire is way better.

metalhead77's picture

perfect insanity cuz it is just so fucking amazing!

a metalhead,a maggot,a disturbed one, but most importantly, an aggressive mother fucker!!!!!

rock on, stay sic, keep metal alive\m/(0_o)\m/

Murtman5's picture

The Conversion has already begun

I would say Inside the Fire because the lryics are just amazing and the fact that suicide is a real thing but i still love perfect insanity

k3nj1n's picture

This is a really hard one, mmm... can i pick both? guess not, well, mm.. i'll go for Inside the fire cause of Dan's solo in this song adding the way he played it in the vid.

off_the_wallz's picture

Man thats a hard one im goin with inside the fire though